Day 2 – You can’t ever have enough Bucket Lists!

Winter bucket list…. here we come.  Just off of a night shift – quick power nap included -and ready to camp.  Packing up the snowshoes, snow pants and down booties (which I love so much I wear around my apartment – dork much?  At least I’m able to admit it. Can you tell someone is excited for winter?).  I’ll be regretting the lack of sleep thing later, but for now, I’m pretty stoked!  Up to Elfin Lakes with Mandy to spend the night in the cabin.  Hugging trees, taking in the sun set, eating chocolate, drinking wine… life is good.  Have a good weekend!

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams”. – John Marrymore

Get out there and start ticking off that bucket list already!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Im stoked too! I just got snow shoes for my bday back in Oct and I’m soooo antsy to try them and to ski as well:) Hope you have a great weekend camping!

  2. SUPER FUN!!!!! Welcome back and have a safe camping trip!
    My bucket list continues to grow. :))

  3. luv this!!!! welcome back j.t! just crossing off my lifelists..u got to be my first enlightened blog sponsor!!!!! thankyou!!! yes!

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