Day 1 – “I’m Tired”

This is what I’ve been writing for the past who knows how long when I turn the pages open (almost) every morning to journal.  The Artists Way – getting up early to translate my thoughts into words.  “I’m Tired.”  “I’m exhausted”.  Well then, I say to myself, do something about it.  So that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m taking a break.  This 40 day challenge, no blogging for me.

It hit me last week.  If you saw a certain website, you know that I put myself out there.  I was proud to be strong, having the statements of “Strong is the new Skinny”.  I was proud.  I was proud to be athletic.  Balanced and healthy.  Unfortunately, even the strongest find it hard to hear certain things.  All it took were a few not so nice body-image comments (my weakness, what can I say – I’m normal) to make me want to give up.  To hide.  I started to think, what’s the point?  Of being bold.  Of trying to be strong.  Of trying to inspire.  And having others knock me down for it.  That is definitely not the reason why I put myself out there so much.  Definitely not.

Having spent a few days away, hiding beside the ocean and amongst the trees on the island has given me a different persepective.  It has given me some time to think.  Is this what I want?  To put myself out there for everyone to see, allowing anyone to voice their opinions no matter how harsh they might be?  For someone with thicker skin, no problem.  But me?  I don’t know if I can take it.  Not right now anyways.  I’m tired.  I don’t have as much to give right now as I would like.  I’m not as strong right now as I’d like to be.

Putting yourself out there is brave.  Bold.  Courageous.  It was definitely a wake-up call and new realization for me.  To get far in life, you must be all of these.  But with all of these comes the ability, rather the necessity, of deflecting.  Deflecting the opinions of others who think otherwise.  Choosing what you want to hear, and taking into consideration the others, but not letting it get to you.  I haven’t built myself up to this, yet.  I honestly didn’t know I would even have to.  

I’m going to take this time off to reflect.  To take a time out.  I need to pay attention to what I need. Obviously, since I’ve become so sensitive to some hurtful comments, I need to spend some time doing what I need.  Putting more energy into myself. Doing things that I have been neglecting lately. Spending more time outdoors, visiting friends, making healthy food, running my heart out, practicing yoga, the whole shabam.

I admire those who are brave enough to take it all.  The judgements, hurtful comments, you name it. It’s so easy for someone hiding behind a computer to write their nasty opinions.  To me, that’s not brave.  It’s plain out cowardly.  Why are there people out there like this?  Is it some sort of test?  A test of courage for the strong to surface and to become even stronger?  To become warriors?  Perhaps.  Perhaps it helps us to be strong. Either way, it’s a beautiful reminder to keep my opinions to myself and to recognize how tough it can be to be different.  To stand out.  That person at the open mic who’s singing off key?  At least they’re up there, I’m not.

If you’re brave enough to be bold and courageous, to do things out of the norm – I applaud you.  It sure can be tough sometimes.  So thank you to everyone who inspires me on a daily basis to keep writing.  It’s time for a well-needed break.  I’m excited for it.  I will be back, stronger than ever.  I will see you in 40 days.

Smile with your heart!

Thank you to Diana from Tiny Devotions for creating this video with me.  I have had a goal for months to vlog about vision boards – well guess who called me up asking me to do one with her.  Yep!  If you put it out there, ANYTHING, and believe it with all your heart – it will manifest.

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  1. Hello Beautiful!! I’m so sorry that you’re feeling down because of some ignorant people. It makes me sad :(. I want you to know that people like that are very insecure! They need to put others down because they are so jealous of your beautiful self, your beautiful soul. You inspire me every day and I so look forward to your blog. You truly are amazing! Please don’t let small minds let you forget how beautiful you really are. I will miss your blogs terribly. Take care Jenn :)

    Love Krista xox

  2. I’m with Krista! I really cannot imagine how somebody could find something negative to say about you! Shows us how low some people can be… You inspire so many people Jenn! I have never met you, yet I read your blog religiously! You’ve helped me overcome a lot of things that I’ve been struggling with/upset about lately. I am also still eating Paleo thanks to YOU! I have a thyroid problem and have gained some weight, but half of it is gone already thanks to Paleo and I’ve been trying to get the weight off for a couple years now. Nutritionists, smaller portions, weight watchers, EVERYTHING, and I would only gain weight until you introduced me to Paleo. It changed my life! And that was because I read YOUR blog! I am glad you’re taking a break to get your confidence back if that is what you need to do it, but I just wanted to give you a reminder of how much good you are doing in this world and how many people you are affecting every day. I think you are incredible and an inspiration and I have been striving to be more like you every day! Thank you for everything you do. Keep your head up :)

    -Mandy B.

  3. Jenn your bravery and courage in that photo spread were amazing along with all the skinny you bared to the world! Don’t let the cowards, critics and negative energy take away from how truly beautiful, strong and athletic you look! Enjoy your 40 days :)

  4. It’s a shame that someone chose to put you down when you have done so many positive things for so many people. You really are an inspiration and I hope that this new 40-day challenge is everything that you need. Thank you for all that you have done and I’m looking forward to your blogs should you chose to return.

    All the best!!

  5. Jen you’re fantastic! Please keep on writing. My career is so different than yours yet I survive on your blogs. I thought I could start one myself: architecture/ yoga/ Buddhism – how do you combine that!?! But then I backed off – I’ve been through a healing regime for the past 3 or so years from various dis-eases and it’s not over yet – as a result I am definitely NOT strong enough to put myself out there… – hence my admiration for the ones who can – like you… Enjoy your break and come back stronger than ever… Some people need you, you are writing for them! and that should be enough! …to justify keeping on writing regardless of some mean comments – my mom used to say [ to me- I’m a people pleaser as well and sometimes I simply can’t understand why some just won’t give me a chance…]: “there are always people who won’t like you, who just absolutely would be annoyed by your simple presence, but there are always going to be people who will love you so you walk along with those who tag along…” Cheers, M.

  6. Jenn, I hate to repeat all entries above, so I won’t. I just say ditto to what all the others have said. You are amazing, a phenomenal writier and a beautiful and fit person. I don’t have a clue what pics or comments you are talking about, but I hate this happened. I love your blog and your inspiration. It can be hard to open up and put yourself out there, to write all the time. Just remember how much you have helped so many. I feel terrible that someone put you down, but this is the world of social media. Unfortunately, people can be cruel and bully w/o anyone ever knowing who they are. We used to have to back up our words, say to the person and deal w/ the consequences. Now, people can hide behind the screen. No consequences for them, just hurt feelings to the one they threw the dagger at. Anyway, enjoy the 40 days and keep being great!

  7. I love you with all my heart
    I was waiting for you to start my first 40 days
    I will start tomorrow in your honor
    Here’s to your beautiful courageous heart
    Will be waiting for you in 40 days!!

  8. I am sorry you have to put up with the ugly side of being brave and out there. If words do add value, its your words. Some words add volume to the space and die.

    I hope you enjoy your break, i will miss you. You have helped me so much in surviving my phd and other hard things in life.

    and great video. Hope you do lot more vlogs, at-least register youtube username for the future.

  9. Jen,
    Will miss your blog and look forward to reading it again in 40 days. You are truly inspiring. I love your blogs and how they have the ability to challenge me to make changes in my everyday life and thought pattern.
    Have a fabulous 50 days!

  10. “It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”

    Theodore Roosevelt
    “Citizenship in a Republic,”
    Speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910

  11. Do what you want, say what you feel, those who matter don’t mind. Those who mind don’t matter. “Dr. Suess”.

    Everyone deserves a time out, take it relax, reflect and come back!


  12. JEN i luv ur video! it reminds me of when i first came back from italy and i told u about how i had put beautiful pictures of women on a visionboard to make me remember the beauty of women and NOW I AM just feeling ur inate beauty, luv and am really greatfull for ur blog! i have also recently experienced sum backlash lol! and i realized that i am willing to take nothing personal instead to be in the light uv christ who forgave even those who pinned him on a cross… deeeeeeep stuff but learning learning learning to gently remove the bandages and find there are no wounds… just little holes where the breath of the spirit can sing thru! luving u always and ur great blog! have an amazing break dearest gyspy soul.ur in mine! baci!

  13. “Have no beliefs whatsoever in how others judge you, for one day you will be great and your greatness will silence them all”. Enjoy your break :)

  14. i simply can’t believe some small minded twit chose to put you down. it made me very sad and angry to learn that from this post. just we are all human and feel pain with such comments, make sure you aren’t too hard on yourself, it’s certainly no fault of yours for taking stupid comments to heart! you’re one incredible person, it takes massive courage and commitment to put out the positive energy you do. your entire blog is outrageously inspiring (i’m half way through my first 40 day challenge! awesome! and i keep finding new pockets of inspiration throughout the website, so much fun and fills me with epic appreciation for life) and your smile and positivity is a beautiful addition to each day. have a wonderful break from blogging, i shall miss your daily inspiration mail but i’m stoked to know you’re taking time to yourself and looking after number one! oh and be sure to eat plenty of cookies ;)

  15. I am so PROUD of you! Beautiful, intelligent, funny, honest, kind, inspiring, healthy, fun, caring, brave you! Emotionally intelligent enough and acutely aware enough of your own needs, to know when you need to relax, reflect and begin investing more time and energy into yourself. Enjoy your blogging break and refill that love tank friend… Xoxo

  16. People can be so mean and with the internet these days even meaner because they now can hide behind that computer screen. I think you are beautiful and athletic and healthy! Never change any of that. I look up to you and you inspire me on so many levels. I hope to one day qualify and run Boston like you have:) I have just finalized plans to run my first full in May in Ottawa!!! I am coming up to my 5th half next weekend and will do a 6th as training for my full! Yah.

    I have been missing your blogs all week and wondered if something was up:( I am sad that you will be taking the 40 days off! BUT at the same time i understand you need to take time for yourself and make yourself happy. I know you will come out even bigger, better and stronger in the end! You will continue to have lot’s of adventures and tons of fun with friends and family! Enjoy your rest!

    Thank you again for all that you do and your beautiful writing that inspires us all so much. Thank you for making our hearts smile everyday:) Keep on keeping on!

    PS i just got a mala bead necklace from my Dad last night for my birthday:) He had gotten me a bracelet awhile back and now i have a necklace! So thank you fo introducing me to the beauty of mala beads and meditation too. You have opened my eyes so much. Take care.

  17. Gorgeous photo. End of story. Take care of yourself. I also was going to start this challenge with you. I’m going solo this time. Thank you for the inspiration.

  18. Hey hang tight. I love your blog and find you inspiring :-) As far as the body image thing….I am a woman and get it. But, look in the mirror and realize your beautiful, fit and strong! Enjoy your challenge.

  19. Oh JENN – what to add to the beautiful comments above ….. I am a reader not a commentor normally but you will be missed. You touch and inspire so many more lives than you may know. I won’t give space to what hurtful comments were made because I have not seen them and have no idea what but it makes me sad they were able to touch you so deeply. I hope you will return stronger than ever. So looking forward to that time.

    You deserve your time ~ enjoy!


  20. Ditto with everybody above. Hope your 40-day challenge is everything you need. We all look forward to your return. Take care!

  21. Hi Jen,
    Sorry to hear that, but if you need to take some time off for you, enjoy it! You are a beautiful woman and person, and you can only grow stronger. Don’t let others put you down.
    See you in 40!

  22. I am truly shocked and appalled that someone would have anything negative to say about you or your ridiculous photo shoot. Your bod is SICK and your athleticism and dedication to yourself (physical, mental, AND spiritual) is incredibly inspiring. Don’t let the haters get you down, sister! As evidenced by all the lovely comments here, I’m not the only blog reader who, despite having never met you, can feel your beauty and love from miles away through your writing and your pictures. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there, it inspires me every day (WWJD has a whole new meaning to me!) and I applaud you for taking 40 days to reboot. Fill up your tank and may you have all the happiness and love in the world!

  23. Hi Jenn,

    I understand.

    The negativity of the world makes me stumble. I’m very sensitive to it, but oddly enough, it helps to remind myself that these people are in some form of pain themselves (insecure, scared, bored, angry) and that the comments say far more about them than they do about you. In fact, they probably don’t mean the things they’ve written. It truly is a shame, because the effect they have on you is substantial, and as a result, all who love you and your blog are affected.

    I’ve been re-reading your post about self love every day since you posted it. Your writing is the positivity we all need more of in our lives. No one can ask you to go beyond your comfort level, but it would be a shame for you not to do what you seem to love, and what you are unequivocally gifted with.

    Enjoy your time off Jenn.

  24. It is so sad that people lash out because of their own insecurities.

    Please know that even with negative comments, there are some of your readers, like myself, who believe you are living their dream life. My goal is to be a nurse, yoga instructor, and marathoner. You have or are on your way to accomplishing what I consider my dream!

    I hope you take in words of wisdom and love and let them heal you over the next 40 days.

  25. Hold your head high JT! You truly are the most bold, courageous and inspirational person I have ever meet. You have encouraged me and I know so many others to follow our dreams, set goals for ourselves, live life to it’s greatest potential and to do what makes us happy. No matter what anyone says just think of how many people stand behind you and don’t let those few people who don’t, stand in your way. I have told you before (and I am sure so have many others) you are going BIG places in life. Remember life is GREAT and en-JOY the next 40 days.
    Lots of Love.
    Ps – I have an idea to help you cross off #14 (Schedule a Vision Board session) from your last 40 Day Challenge, we shall chat December 1st! :-)

  26. I have to say, I didn’t get the joke at first with the picture – but I did think, “Look at that AMAZING body!!!!” You looked fabulous and you always look great in all the modeling shots on the site. In fact, I think one of the reasons I bought an In Stride Jacket yesterday was because it looked so darn cute on you!
    I will definitely miss your blog – you are inspiring to so many of us. Especially the ones among us who aren’t as brave as you. Hearing you talk about your dream career makes me strive to find my passion every day.
    Take care of yourself – I hope you have a great 40 days off having lots of fun and I look forward to reading your posts when you come back.

  27. Jenn you are an inspiration to so many, including myself. I wish I was as brave as you and could put myself out there like that. Hold your head high and be proud because you are a beautiful woman inside and out and no one has the right to take that away from you.

    “Art finds her own perfection within, and not outside of herself. She is not to be judged by any external standard of resemblance. She is a veil, rather than a mirror.” – Oscar Wilde

  28. Well, I think you are awsome. And for every miserable hater out there, there are hundreds of us who admire you. You remind me of a younger, braver version of myself. You inspire me. Chin up, babe. :)

  29. When I was little my mom always told me, “Well, of course people are going to pick on you. You’re beautiful, smart and inspiring and when people can’t find that in themselves, they go to others in a hateful way and try to rid them of their spirit”. My mom didn’t even grow up in America and this universal thought has stuck with me ever since. You are BEAUTIFUL and you inspire countless people each day. I hope during your 40 days, you encounter someone everyday that inspires you and makes you feel beautiful and loved. Namaste.

  30. I am sincerely stunned that anyone would have anything negative to say about you! Let these ignorant comments roll off your back and know that you are an inspiration to many, myself included. Enjoy your break and relish in the positive energy that you surround yourself with. And please know that you have many readers who love your blog and who will be waiting for you when you get back.

  31. I just came across this quote and wanted to share with you.

    “It’s okay to be sad. Allow the pain to penetrate the hard places of your heart and the unexplored territories of your mind. Without resistance, deep sorrow can be the gateway to a mystical experience of deep bliss.”
    – Dorothy Mendoza Row

    Much love
    Krista xox

  32. I say F’em. Keep doing what you want to do. I’m sure there was lots of positive feedback too but it’s the negative that we take to heart and carry with us for a while, unfortunately. So hopefully in 40 days you will feel a little lighter and more energized.

  33. Jenn –

    I saw the pic yesterday, and guess what, YOUR PICTURE makes me want to go buy that magazine. Seriously. I added it to my shopping list for this weekend. Because it is SO beautiful and so strong! And you know what? It’s going on my vision board!

    Just remember (when things like idiot commenters have you down), that you inspire us all to smile more, to be more healthy,and to enjoy life. Enjoy your break, we’ll be thinking about you, and can’t wait to see you back here! :)

  34. Jen, I look forward to reading your blog every day. You inspire me. I have learned SO much from you, thank you xoxo

  35. I will miss your blog so much!! You’re such an inspiration for me!
    But you deserve a break. Breathe. Enjoy and appreciate the moment. Relax!

    I’ll be here in 40 days!

  36. First of all, good for you to voice your concerns about the negative input. So often we just let the input slide, but believe me I know it hurts. I am with you on taking a break and focusing on the positive. I just hope you check in and read all the positive posts so you can feel the love from so many you have inspired. I am 60 and believe I look much younger because I choose to live a healthy active life. Those that don’t are just jealous that they do not care enough for themself to do the same. Sorry for them. I am going to take a break for the 40 days too. I will NOT let the negative input get to me (focus on the positive). I will think of you every day and send positive thoughts out to you while hanging on to my own. Until Nov 22 then . . .

  37. I want to give you a hug! This makes me so sad to hear. I think you are beautiful and inspiring and enjoy reading your blog posts. I can relate to your exhaustion and the realization that deflection is not easy! Much of what you wrote here is sadly familiar to what I am going through right now too. Enjoy your 40 day vaca. I look forward to reading you again soon. Take care of Jenn first!

  38. This post reminds me of what we are asked to do by the flight attendants on an airplane…if the cabin loses pressure, the oxygen masks will come down from the ceiling, right? Well we are instructed to first put the mask on OURSELVES before helping others with their masks.. I’ve always loved that analogy. We can’t help others if we don’t take the time to get what we need first. And I think it’s perfect for you.
    So get your mask on and BREATHE! :)

  39. Jenn,

    So much love and admiration for you here! I love all the comments and ditto! Enjoy your time with YOU!!! It’s good to be selfish! You deserve it.

    I will leave you with a quote I came across recently:
    “Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn that anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.” David Whyte


  40. Oh Jen! Ditto to everything above times a million- I look forward to your blog so much but I think it is AWESOME you are taking time off. I know you probably feel pressured to continue the blogs even on days when you are not feeling it because so many of us have voiced how much we love them- DON’T feel that way. You will inspire no matter what, blog or no blog. You inspire just by being YOU and living your life! But you cannot be the woman you want to be when you are exhausted and down! I love the analogy of the oxygen mask on the plane- you need to take care of yourself first! :) Enjoy your time off!

  41. Seriously you are beautiful both inside and outside! I just keep thinking about how much I personally (and everyone really) will miss your blogs and wonderful pictures while you are gone. Makes me sad. But you must take care of you first … just know you are already missed.


  42. As most others have already said, I’m crushed you won’t be blogging for 40 days. I love your blog and it has inspired me in so many ways. Some people are just stupid. But if you need time away then that’s what you need and I hope it helps in all ways possible. I’ll be counting down the 40 days :)

  43. You’re so beautiful and oh so brave – don’t let those negative comments get you down. Jealousy can make people monsters. One positive from all those negative comments is i’ve found your blog – and am loving reading it. Keep it up, you’ve inspired me from reading just one entry :)

  44. Seeing those photos of you was extremely inspirational to me – YOU are the kind of person I want to be. Strong, couragous, self-confident and absolutely beautiful. All atributes that we all strive to be. Thanks for being you. :)

  45. Today is my first day on your blog. I found it because of all the hullabaloo over the picture. Your blog and your spirit are both so motivating and your athletic and strong (and complete enviable) body is inspiring as well. Enjoy your 40 days – I’ll be catching up on your old posts during that time and looking forward to your return.

  46. Hi Jenn, I had to do some research to figure out what the hell you were talking about. I’m from the States, Nevada no less, so I’m especially clueless. Now that I know what you are talking about you should not feel anything but proud of those pictures. You look amazing. You should not for one minute feel self conscious or have any body image related negative feelings. Here are my thoughts on this as a wise old woman at age 40. I have struggled all my life with body image issues. I obsess over every pound and every lump of cellulite. Even if you didn’t look perfect, which you do, you should be proud that you had the courage to put yourself out there. You should also be proud of the fact that you put yourself out there as a normal, athletic, regular person. And it should be taken in the spirit in which it was intended. It was, after all, a joke, right? Maybe try to think back to the confidence and sense of humor you had that made you have the pictures taken in the first place. Find that peace with yourself again. No one is perfect and no one should be. Do not let anyone take your energy ever. Your writing and spirit inspire a lot of people. You shouldn’t shut yourself down over this. I know that is easier said than done but you are strong and courageous. You can be brave.

    Reno, NV

  47. You are amazingly beautiful and courageous for putting yourself out there. I commend you and admire you and I have to say I am a bit envious. Kudos to you!

  48. Hi Jen,

    I read your blog everyday and I really appreciate what you write, however this is the first time I have posed a comment. I am a student nurse in my 4th year, and in nursing they always emphasize “self care”, and it is really truly important. Hopefully you are able to practice self care during your break.

    You are so inspiring to me. Thank you for writing. I will certainly be reading when you are back.


  49. I anxiously await your return to the blogosphere. You’re a beautiful person, inside and out, and you can’t let petty strangers dictate how you feel about yourself :). Take care and enjoy your time off!

  50. JT, you are an amazing and beautiful woman!!! Unfortunately, there are people out there that take their own insecurities and problems out on others. I will miss your blog but I know that you will come back refreshed and happy, so I’m counting down the days ;) Sending you much love!!!!!

  51. Oh Jenn, I didnt get the joke at first either (silly Americano not into hockey) but someone explained it to me. What I did notice was your strength and beauty. I dont know what negative comments were made and I am saddened that they effected you , but I am proud of your willingness to be honest about your feelings and to take care of yourself in the best way you know to. I don’t have a typical strong or athletic body, I have a succulent, joyful body that has created two lovely daughters, helped me travel the world, and has given and received great pleasure. When people dont “get” how I can be confident and secure with my body, I rely on one of my favorite quotes from Wayne Dyer —“Your opinion of me, is none of my business”. When I am in integrity it doesn’t matter what it looks like to anyone else on the outside. I’ll miss the blog, and will send you love and light until we see that smiling beautiful face in my in box (or in person) again :)

  52. Sending you much love. You are a lovely person, inside and out, and I wish you all the best.

  53. On a lighter note, and completely truthful note, if you have haters then you must be doing something right (which by the looks of you and your blog you are — since you’re gorgeous on the outside and appear to have a beautiful personality). If you want to see something that hopefully you find funny, as I do, watch Katt Williams hater skit on youtube.

  54. I just sent my Mom a card in the mail today that said, “Don’t let a misty morning, signify a cloudy day”. I read your blog every single morning with my bowl of oatmeal (a new addiction compliments of yours truly- steal cut oats of course, so delish). Take a break, relax, heal and come back a new, stronger and improved YOU! Will miss my morning inspiration dearly…

  55. Can I just say that reading your blog has been a beautiful inspiration for me to start things like vision boards, goal setting and writing my own blog. As a musician I think about the fact that some people might not like my music, but that doesn’t matter because I am following my bliss in creating it and being brave enough to share it. Some people support us with all their heart, and some don’t. By all the comments here, I think its obvious to say that we (your faithful blog readers) recognize and love your beauty and your courage! Big Love to you! And if you feel like coming back sooner, we wont complain :)

  56. Jen,

    I’m sorry to hear that you will not be writing for 40 days. I haven’t been reading your blog every day. Most often I leave it in my inbox until I have time (a nurses life I suppose) but every time I do read your blog I find myself smiling and very much inspired.
    I’m not sure what has been said to you but I do hope that you don’t take it to heart. Many people can be jealous and take it out on people like yourself. You should be very proud of who you are, who you are working at being. It is very difficult to put yourself out there as you have. Just remember how many people are inspired by what you do, who you are and your energy.
    If you do need a break, that’s understandable. Just be sure to come back, we’ll be waiting!

    Hope to see you soon!

  57. You are beautiful and inspiring! I love seeing you on the Lululemon site, especially in the action shots. I love that one in the snow with the pink shirt, I can feel the energy in that picture! Thanks for being fearless, it is really important to have woman out there doing what they love and inspiring others to reach for their dreams. My sister lives in Ucluelet, your pictures reminded me of how much I miss her and my west coast home. It’s such a cleansing place. Namaste~

  58. You are a beautiful strong woman!!! Please don’t let other peoples negative energy fizzle your spark. The photos were fabulous and you are fabulous, a true inspiration for all. Take your time, reignite that spark and shine for all to see :-)

  59. Jenn,
    Don’t let the turkeys get you down!
    I have always found inspiration in you and your blog. Enjoy your break. I’ll look forward to your writing again in 40 days!

  60. A positive note for when you return:

    Your picture did inspire me. I’m not the type to shout and scream about the inspiration I see in this world – I just peacefully take things in. My lesson out of your post is definitely to share my positive reflections more often – they can make a difference. From the little bits I see and read on the internet, you’re a beautiful person. Seeing a body that is strong and powerful in the raw was an inspiration. Hope you come back from time sans blogging refreshed!

  61. I was shocked to see the picture of you on the lulu site. However I applaud you for being so brave to put yourself out there like that. I wouldn’t have the strength or courage to do that. I am not judging you, I respect you for your decision and wish people would keep their negative thoughts to themselves. Kudos to you for having the courage to do the photo shoot.

  62. I love your blog and will miss it over the next few weeks. Thanks for everything you write and do.

  63. You are beautiful, inside and out! Thank you for inspiration!

  64. Jen, while you are taking this break and taking time for you, know that there are many people out there who are truly inspired by you and smile because of you. I’m glad you are doing what you need to do for yourself. I’ll miss reading your posts, but will look forward to your return.

    Peace and love.

  65. Just remember that for every jealous person who said something mean out of spite and cowardice there are more who were proud of you and cheered you on. Personally I didn’t get the sports reference not being from Vancouver but after that was explained to me my shock became mirth which later became awe… You inspire positive feelings in more people then you know.

  66. You’re an inspiration from the inside-out, and every post you write is phenomenal. We’re gonna miss you while you’re gone, ’cause it really is a privilege following your process.

    Smile with your heart, find the JT centeredness, and we’ll all be here to celebrate when you get back!


  67. Jenn, you are such a positive role model and inspiration! I’ve been reading your blog ever since it was featured on lululemon, and was so glad to have stumbled upon it. I’m sorry that you’re feeling down and that people would even say negative things about you or your bangin’ bod, but hopefully you’ll come back from your break re-charged. I’m also a nurse (now in grad school for CRNA), and I was happy to see that you were finally able to land a nursing job. Nursing needs happy, positive people like you! And don’t worry if the new gig is making you feel overwhelmed…that’s completely normal, and you WILL get to a point where you feel comfortable and like you actually have it all together….it just takes time. Looking forward to your return to blogging!

  68. “Opinions are just mental possessions” and Jenn it takes all kinds out there in the world?! I wanna give you a big hug!! We are all inspired by YOU and your blogs and as you can see by all the positive comments left for you YOU ARE SPECIAL xoxo

  69. Hi Jenn, I love to follow your blog! I’m a fellow Vancouverite and a lover of running and yoga. You’re very inspirational and I’m sad to hear you’ve been receiving hurtful comments. I hope you enjoy your time-off and look forward to your future adventures!

  70. I can’t begin to tell you how much your writing inspires me. Your infectious spirit is contagious. Your positive attitude is exhilarating. Your passion is intoxicating and your courage is astonishing. I can’t wait to continue reading all about your adventures and dreams. I wrote about the Lulu campaign on my blog – I have added an update about you since – here is the link in case you want to read it.

  71. If people are trying to bring you down, it’s only because you’re above them.

    Stay strong…you have a great tool here that has inspired many. I have definitely been impacted and blessed!! Get your rest tho :) you will be missed.

  72. Blessings on this quest. I will wait for you and miss you while you’re gone.
    With all good wishes, peace and light!

  73. Jenn, I hope you come back soon! I look forward to your inspirational posts everyday… They make me reflect and re-evaluate my life and where it is going. Your posts have led me towards finding inner peace amongst the hum of everyday living. You are a true blessing and are very missed.

  74. look at how much people love and support you!! Sending you a big smooch and lots of love. I loved that picture of you sooo much and showed everyone I know!! It was powerful it was bold it showed beauty and strength and people are afraid of that! Don’t let those people get you down, shine on good friend cause it is always brighter with you around. xoxoxoxoxxo

  75. Hi sweetie! i was wondering where you were… Take some time for yourself…you are human! Take care and see you around for sure :) Hugs! xoxo T

  76. Jenn, enjoy your break! It’s been said, 75+ times here, but one more time won’t hurt…you really do inspire! I admire you and I look forward to when you’re back! Take care. R

  77. Hi Jenn,

    Hope your break gives you a chance to heal and feel rejuvenated. As with everyone else here I really look forward to your posts, you are an inspiration and blessing!

    Take care,

  78. Has it been 40 days yet? I miss you! I need a good dose of positive energy!

  79. Oh JT… Here’s my two cents-
    Do you really care what those unfortunate unhappy people think? (your answer here should be NO!) When people criticize, well, a lot of the criticism is actually based in their own insecurities. I thought your photo was beautiful and so very real. Envious. That is the word I would use to describe my feelings when I saw it, and the next word- RAD!
    I miss your posts on FB…did you leave? Don’t leave me wise one! My heart needs more smiles right now!!!
    Devon xoxo

  80. Just thinking about you and hoping you will be blogging again soon. Miss your thoughts!

  81. I’m truly missing your blog & the inspiration it provides. Hope you choose to return soon!

  82. I hope you are getting the break you need to lift your spirits and channel your focus. You are an inspiration to me and I thank you for making me think and smile. Take care of yourself and I look forward to your return. You are a beautiful light!

  83. Have you ever considered creating an ebook or guest authoring
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  85. Thanks a bunch! This is definitely an superb web-site.

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