Day 39 – Nurses on the mat

“The most challenging aspect of being a yogi, is to pay attention”, mentioned Cameron in tonight’s gentle, well-needed hatha class.  Heather and I met for a class tonight, an amazing new friend who works at the hospital with me.  A nurse who continuously keeps on giving – even to me and my run-down self lately, with a jar of homemade blueberry jam.  Amazing.  Thank you Heather!   I swear I find angels wherever I go.  Thank you.

I’m not sure why this particular sentence stuck out for me.  Perhaps it’s because it is what I needed to hear, and what I need to work on most right now.  Paying attention. Sure, I’m physically in each moment, aiming to be my best.  But am I really paying attention?  With so much going on – am I listening?  When I hear this statement, what comes to me is calmness.  To imagine myself closing my eyes, becoming aware of my body and it’s surroundings – even if only for 5 seconds. Breathing.  Letting go.  Just with this visualization, I feel calmer, more grounded.  More aware.  And all it took was a reminder to bring myself into my own awareness, 5 seconds of calmness, a deep breathe, and a slight smile.  A smile recognizing the fact that life is so simple.  There’s no need to get carried away with all of it.  Because at the end of the day, it’s YOUR moment.  What you choose.  How you choose to think, and consequently, how you choose to feel.

A yogi is not a person who has wrapped themselves into a pretzel.  A yogi is someone with a good heart.  Who wants good for the people around them.  Who wants to make a difference.  So if you’re reading the first sentence thinking, ‘this does not apply to me.  I’m not a yogi!’  Think again.   If you are reading this?  You are a yogi.  If you are breathing while reading this?  An even more talented yogi!  But you are a yogi.  You are wanting more of the good stuff in your life.  So bring it all with you wherever you go.  If you’re finding yourself in stressful situations, try bringing yourself back into your body and ‘paying attention’.  Start to notice your surroundings.  Maybe even the smells and sounds that were drowned out by the buzz.  It’s still there.  It always has been.  You just have to choose to listen.

Nurses on the mat.  In order to give to others, we need to give first and foremost to ourselves. Yoga is my way of giving what I need to myself.  Make sure you are doing the same. Look after yourself!  Pay attention.  Listen to what your body is telling you.  I’m listening to mine, and it’s telling me that something’s unfortunately gotta give.  We can only give so much….

Namaste, Smile with your heart.

P.s.  Who is the wonderful person who sent me this book that I received in the mail today?!   I can’t wait to start reading it tonight.  But WHO is it from?!  If you sent me this beautiful gift, please let me know!  How did you know I receive Mike Dooley’s daily note from the universe?!  Angels, wherever I go.  Thank you!

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  1. Are you starting next 40 day challenge on the 7th?

  2. This is something i am learning lately too…to listen to my body and to live each moment and take it all in instead of rushing from one thing to another. In the past (and i still do from time to time) i felt that there weren’t enough hours in the day. There is. You just have to shift whats on your plate. And make time for the important stuff; friends and family. They, and the moments you have with them, are truly what matter the most in life:)

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