Day 38 – T- 4 days

This is where we will be in 4 days.  TOFINO!  I haven’t craved a vacation as much as this one in a looooong time.  It’s definitely needed!  I’m feeling a little empty in the energy/love tank department lately (and a little regretful after eating waaaaay too much cookie dough – I hardly had enough left to bake any – oops!).  I’m needing an adventure to fill the inspiration tank back up.   It’s been too long since I’ve hugged a tree. I actually might go outside right now and hug one just for kicks.  One sec, be right back….

Yep!  Feeling so much better now!  There’s some advice for you if you’re feeling a little drained. Put down what you’re doing, and go hug a tree.  You’ll definitely be laughing, just as I am sitting here writing this.  So simple!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Nice one
    I’ll go out and hug a cacti!!
    Is the chalet where you are going in the photo
    Tofino is a place that is on my list!
    Thanks for your posts!

    • hahaha… i don’t know if I’ve ever seen a cacti!! haha. We won’t be staying there, but somewhere in that beautiful land of awesomeness! Glad it’s on your list!

  2. You are INSPIRING!! Because of your courage to show up and SHINE every day as yourself, you help everyone else to do the same! Thanks for the daily smile! :)

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