Day 36 – Be Honest

One of my favourite things to ask a patient is, “so do you have any advice for someone as young as you?!”  The 80 year old Italian man with a sparkle in his eye smiled when I asked him this question.  Actually, that’s a lie.  He looked at me funny and said, “speak up honey, I can’t hear you!”.  So I asked again.  When he understood, the sparkle brightened and he smiled.  “Enjoy your life…. and be honest.  Because when you’re not, it eats away at you – right here” (as he grabbed his chest).  “Anything else?”, I ask.  “Oh, (bigger smile) And travel!  I’ve been to over 40 countries in my time!”.  And the conversation went on, this bug eyed nurse becoming more and more inspired with each travel story. Who knew that this little grey and weathered man had so much in him.  Had so much to share.  The beauty of simplicity.

So take it from a sparkling 80 year old: En-JOY your life.  Do what you love.  And above all things, be truthful.  Be honest.  Because when you speak from your heart, you smile.  From the inside out.  And you lead your life with a sparkle in your eye and a glowing, happy heart.

Smile with your heart!

P.s.  Off to create and inspire with Diana from Tiny Devotions tonight! – get ready for a little surprise coming your way soon :)

and… a new camera is in the works, well hopefully :)

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  1. You just described the old men as my vision in life. A sparkle in my eyes and a smile, a beutiful old lady that has lived a full, exciting and happy life.

  2. Your post gave me chills!! I had a similar conversation with my dying aunt and it completely changed the direction of my life. Thank you for inspiring me everyday and for sharing your experience with this sparkling soul!

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