Day 33 – Exciting News!


Nooooo, not even close.  But Michelle DEFINITELY is!  Look at your belly MISH! I can’t wait to meet the little bugger.  I love these guys – being around them always make me laugh till it hurts.  I’ve known this crew since the 8th grade.  One year post-braces, with head gear to boot, and ripped baggy jeans thinking I was super hip trying to copy my big sisters ‘cool skater phase’. Man those days were tough!  Either way, I’m so glad to have these guys STILL in my life – stuck with me forever!

Here’s a picture of a card JC gave me for one of my b-day’s which I’ve framed and hung above my kitchen sink: “There’s a direct correlation between the level of happiness in one’s life and the amount of silliness they allow into it.  I know, I’ve done studies”.  I definitely have done a fair amount of silliness studies in my life.  It’s so true though.  What would life be like with straight faces and structure all the time? Let loose! Who cares what people think.  And if they’re standing there judging, they’re probably wishing they were as cooky as you.  Well maybe not, but whatever.  It’s fun being different!  I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years. :)

Thanks Vanessa for the comment yesterday, who wrote, “you need to surround yourself with little things that make your heart glow”.  So true!  Seeing this every time I do the dishes is just a simple reminder to chill out and find the silliness in life.  It makes my day a little lighter.  The silliness is there, we sometimes just overlook it.  I’m learning that in order to be good at what I do, especially with nursing, you have to laugh at almost everything.  A lot of the job is pretty nasty and tough, and wouldn’t get done without a good sense of humor to pull you through.  Something else I’m learning?  Trying not to be so hard on myself.  Finding the humour in as much of life as I can.  It’s so much better when you do.  Be as silly as you can.  If people laugh?  Even better – you’ve done your job.  That’s 2 more smiles than what you started with.

Smile with your heart!

p.s. Thanks for the team effort with the pictures Mandy!

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