Day 32 – You know you’re tired when…

You know you’re tired when you’ve almost arrived at one of your best friend’s house and you realize you’ve left her birthday present on the counter at Shopper’s Drug mart…. when you were buying, of all things, sleeping pills.  I can’t not laugh while writing this.  Don’t worry, they’re only for those nights of over-anxious brain syndrome pre-nursing shift. But either way, I thought that was pretty funny.  Happy Birthday SYL!!! Love you lady!

Really though, what do you do when everything you’ve worked so hard for seems to be right in front of you, waiting for you to jump on opportunities from every which direction?  Do you pass it off to someone else and sleep instead?  Or do you work your butt off to reap the rewards of working so hard in the first place, knowing that this too will pay off?  That this moment is the reason you’ve tried so hard for all along. That the thrill and excitement of it all is more than worth it.  It feeds your soul.  It ignites and sparks the unknown inside of you.  It is ultimately why you are here – to do what you love, and to do it well.

Imagine how good you will feel after this accomplishment.  Imagine all of the opportunities that are waiting to present themselves.  They are endless.  Endless opportunities to discover.  How do I plan on doing it all right now?  Well, let me tell you. A whole lot of wine, good friends and as many vacations & adventures as I can take.  Next day off – Tofino bound.  8 more days until unlimited beachcombing, hot-tubing, and surf/SUPing in a magical, magical land. Until then, “I can do this!”.

“Get a good idea and stay with it.  Dog it, and work at it until it’s done, and done right”.

Well said Walt Disney!

Smile with your heart!

P.s. I miss my camera!!!!!!!!!

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  1. You can do it! Don’t forget Jenn that PERSERVERANCE is the hard work AFTER your tired from all the hard work you’ve already done!!!!!!!! So work hard so you can play harder! xoxo
    p.s. have fun in my neck of the woods (yah Vancouver Island!!)

  2. Vino is always a great way to make it through busy times!! A great way to relax after a busy day!

  3. I thought of you today! I was in my local thrift shop wandering with a big smile, so stoked on my find (antique looking colander in a cool green for my fruit bowl on my counter). A lady walks up to me and says “Great find! You know you need to sourround yourslef with little things that make your heart glow. Seeing that in my kitchen would make my heart glow every morning!” -These simple amazing moments shared between strangers are so inspiring. I instantly thought “Jen would love this! This would inspire one of her blog entries!” xoxo

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