Day 31 – Whatever you’re doing, wear a smile

Sweaty seawall sunset run + 3 high fives from strangers + sweaty hug from an old friend = priceless.  I love this place!

Smiling makes everything a whole lot better.  It’s a fact.  Just lifting up the corners of your mouth a tiny crack can make you feel so much better and make you so much more approachable.  It can even fake yourself into a good mood if you’re in need of a boost.  For me, a small ‘stoked to be sweaty on the seawall‘ smile turned into a few high fives which turned into an even bigger smile which then gave me the boost to run an extra few km’s, making my 23km after work endorophin high oh-so much better.

Whatever you’re doing right now, can you do it while wearing a smile?  Even just a small one.  Even if it’s just to yourself.  Notice how much better you feel.  So simple!

Smile with your heart!

P.s. It is a sad day in the world of pretty pictures – my FAVOURITE camera of all time has hit the bucket.  It’s official.  RIP my Canon Powershot.  You will be dearly missed.  I’m surprised you lasted this long with all of the adventures you embarked on!  I guess you just can’t get too attached, eh?  So please bare with the not-so-colourful blogs for now, until I get my hands on a new one….

Oh!  And some great news to share!  In only one hour of sweaty Vancouverites moving at the same time on Saturday for a great cause (1School1Day), we raised $43,167!!  That’s half a school in Ethiopia! One idea from one inspiring person turns into thousands of dreams coming true. The even cooler part?  It’s already in the works for next year.  An annual event.  Just from one big and bold idea.  Turning dreams into reality…

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  1. Wow, congrats!!! That’s a ton of money!!

  2. I love reading your blog!!!
    It makes me think about myself deeply.
    It makes me believe that life is good…
    I always get positive whenever reading it…

    I just wanted to say, Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts…
    I’m always looking forward to it….

  3. I went to the police station today to get a new passport. I smiled in the first photo and then they told me I was not allowed to smile. Boring so they had to take à new one. But I smiled à littlle :-D

  4. this is incredible!!! thanks for always being so inspiring. :)

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