Day 30 – Good friends are like stars

“Good friends are like stars.  You don’t always see them but you know they’re always there”.  I used to think this quote was pretty corny.  It never really resonated with me, until tonight.  I was driving home from Miss Karlie’s wedding shower(!) and I caught a quick glimpse of the moon.  Glowing brightly, partly covered by the scattered clouds.  I stared at it for a few moments, smiled, and kept driving on, pondering about these inspired thoughts.

Life gets busy.  I don’t get to see the people I love the most as much as I ideally would like to.  But I know they are there.  I know they understand.  They are always, always there. Personally, I’m picky.  It takes a lot for me to open up to someone.  For me to call someone a good friend.  You wouldn’t think this, considering how open I am, but to share my most vulnerable side – it takes a lot.  It takes a while for me to learn to trust someone.  I’m picky.  Cautious maybe, but it works for me.  And once I’m able to completely trust, you’re stuck with me – for good!

I’ve been choosy with the people in my life, and today I couldn’t be more grateful for this. To me, friends are like the stars surrounding a bright, striking moon.  The moon in itself is beautiful to look at.  It glows brightly and catches your eye for a moment.  But a moon surrounded by millions of brightly shining stars?  So much more beautiful.  The stars bring out the depth of the entire sky and amplify the boldness and uniqueness of the moon.  A big, black sky filled with tiny specs of shining light surrounding the already glowing moon – I could stare at this site for hours.

The people in our lives resemble who we are.  We get to choose our friends.  I choose people who make me shine more brightly. Who bring out the best in me.  Who make me feel good.  Life is precious, and I choose to have people surrounding me who make me better.  Who make me want to be a better person.  Who I know will always be there.  Who I trust.  I choose not to surround myself with people who bring me down, who make me feel tired and drained. I’d rather have one brightly shining star surrounding me than a million dull ones.  For me, I choose good.  I choose good hearted, kind and genuine souls.  So thank you to everyone in my life who help me shine.

If you’re in need of a friend right now, reach out for it.  Reach out for someone.  We all want to feel this connection, of feeling loved.  It’s in us to want to give.  To want to help. They will be there.  Just because you can’t see them, or haven’t seen them in a while, doesn’t mean they aren’t shining brightly behind the clouds waiting for you to ask. Waiting to help you glow.  Good friends are always there.  So choose good.  Because good surrounding great can only get better.  And remember, the best way to have a great friend is to be a great friend yourself. :)

Smile with your heart!

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