Day 26 – Reach for your high, grab onto it and RUN WITH IT

I set out for a long run this morning.  It was a perfect rainy, cool fall day.  My goal, 18km. You may think that running comes easy to me but this is not always the case.  Some days, it hurts.  Some days it takes a whole lot of mental energy to keep my legs moving.  And somedays I stop.  I’m a runner, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy.  I just crave the feeling that comes with the hard work – my high.  My runner’s glow.  I guess you could call it somewhat of an addition.  A feel good, healthy addiction.

This morning as one foot continually hit the pavement in front of the other, I was waiting impatiently for my runner’s high to kick in.  You know, the point where running just becomes running.  No more mental struggle.  Just one fluent step in front of the other.  A euphoric type of high if you will. THIS is what I crave when I set out for a run.  The feeling after the fact.  The feeling that comes with accomplishment, with sticking it through.

Often, when we are reaching for big things, the journey is tough.  We mentally have to be in check and continually tell ourselves that it can be done.  We struggle, and wonder if it really can be done.  This is the point where you have to trust the most.  Trust in yourself that you really can do it.  Focus on the feeling AFTER the fact.  Visualize yourself THERE. With THIS feeling.  Because it will come.  If you keep reaching for it, it will come.

My run today turned into a longer one than I had planned.  I couldn’t stop.  The high just kept me going.  What an amazing feeling.  If I would have stopped 15 minutes in?  I wouldn’t have this feeling of accomplishment as I sit here writing.  I wouldn’t have this clean, euphoric feeling.  So, don’t give up.  When it feels tough, push through – if you want it bad enough.  And if you don’t want it?  Well, you might want to consider changing directions. But if you do… there’s nothing stopping you.  If you keep on keeping on, you’ll go farther than you thought you could.  Reach for your high.  Grab onto it and run with it.  The world is your oyster.

Night shift tonight – I’m actually looking forward to it.  I never thought I’d be saying that – but I want the challenge.   I want to see who I can help tonight.  What light I can share. Here goes.  I can do this.  I can do this.  Have a great weekend – I’ll see you Sunday!

“A sense of purpose is not something that you find; it’s something that you are.  Truth is not something that you look for; it’s something that you live” – Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Live your purpose and live your truth.  The rest will just fall into place.

It really is that simple.  It honestly really is.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Holy cow, did I need that post tonight! Thanks for the reminder to stay the course.

  2. Love this. It’s so true that us runners sometimes just have to push through the mental bit of it and then you end up having a kick ass run and then other times you are all pumped and then you have a junk run. Always ups and downs with running but man does it feel great:) I do my 18k tomorrow!!! Eekk it’s been since the spring that i have done 18k but i’m really excited since i’m running with a friend from last summer who i havent run with for over a yr. Lot’s to talk about and catch up on! It’ll go fast for sure! Hope your night shift is going great!!!

  3. Thanks for this wonderful post today Jen! That quote really spoke to me!

    Keep on, keepin on! Love this too! :)

    Great way to end the week, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Awesome post and so true! Thank you! This came right on time for me!!! :)

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