Day 25 – Lucky?

You know those people who just seem lucky?  Like everything always seems to go their way?  You might even say they have a horseshoe stuck up where the sun don’t shine. They’re lucky.  Good things happen to them – all the time.  Why this person, and not me? Why do good things always happen to other people?  Why aren’t I this lucky?

Well, have you ever considered this for thought: Perhaps being lucky is just the payoff of being ready.  Being open to the fact that unlimited potential is all around us – everywhere.  Working hard.  Expecting that great things will happen.  Knowing and trusting that great things WILL happen. That they are on their way.  Carrying THIS attitude with you wherever you go.

The harder you work, the luckier you get.  The harder you work towards something you are passionate about, the more open and intuitive you are to receiving the benefits that come from working so hard.  From putting your heart full fledge into something you know feels good and is making a difference.  It’s even a universal law.  Physics.  The law of Conservation of Energy.  The basics: energy changes form and moves from place to place but the total amount doesn’t change.  So basically, “energy in” = “energy stored” + “energy out”.  The more energy we put out into something for the greater good, the more we receive.  Physics.  It’s actually a law.

So the next time you wonder why that person is so gosh darn lucky?  Perhaps ponder how you can start making more of a difference.  Of how you can start putting all of your energy into what it is you are passionate about, and expecting that great things will happen to you in return. Instead of wasting energy of thinking how everyone else is so lucky, why not just start expecting it for yourself? Trust.  Trust that great things are coming.

When ordering a coffee at one of my favourite shops the other day, I snapped this photo (as well as of the best muffin in TOWN! – so good that people actually reserve them. No joke).  Luck = being ready.  Working hard and expecting greatness to come your way.  On your toes.  Ready for the next opportunity, the next miracle of possibility to manifest.  It’s waiting for you, but only if you let it.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. You cannot refute the truth of this Law….I live by it!


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