Day 24 – We give by giving

Yes this is true – you can give by giving.  The ripple effect.  This quote inspired me today:

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, become more, you are a leader” – John Quincy Adams.

Just by being ourselves, we are able to give. Even the simple act of a smile can cause a ripple effect.  A contagious laugh, a warm heartfelt ‘hello’ to a homeless man outside the grocery store, listening – really listening – to a friend, or taking the time to send someone a short message just letting them know your’e thinking of them.  All of these small things leave the other person feeling good.  Wanting to help someone else feel the same.  Just by doing, you’ve inspired.  You’ve given even more because the good just keeps on giving.

Sometimes we are unaware of how inspiring we are – how much of a leader we really are. We are humble.  We don’t allow ourselves to think such ‘arrogant’ and ‘conceited’ thoughts – so we think.  Who me?  A leader?  Yes.  If you are giving, if you are dreaming, creating, becoming – you are a leader.  So keep on giving.  Keep on dreaming and keep on becoming.  In doing so, you are giving.  You are inspiring.  Don’t worry if the people around you aren’t doing the same.  They’ll eventually start to wonder why you are so different.  Why you have a genuine smile and a sparkle in your eye.  It is the beauty of giving.  As long as you feel good, well that’s all that really matters.  Because if you feel good – miracles happen.

I went to donate blood with my sister this past weekend, and AGAIN I was denied!! Not fair!  I had a vaccination for work a few weeks ago, and it didn’t cross my mind until I was already sitting there (cookies in site), with a long checklist in hand.  I was so upset that I didn’t get to eat as many cookies as I like – the best part.  Oh well.  Next time.

When’s the last time you gave blood?  Sign up.  It’s so easy.  Only 15 minutes of your life can save so many others.  And trust me – SO MANY OTHERS.  I’ve only started out on this ward at the hospital, and have hung numerous units every shift – saving lives.  So get out there and give.  It’s in you to give. My goal this challenge was to encourage 20 people to donate.  Help me out?!  You’ll definitely be helping more than just one person, there’s no question about that.  Keep on giving – the good just keeps on giving.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. :) this makes me smile inside my blood stream pumping from my heart! thanks sister thiels! :) so amazing and good luv u both!

  2. I’m booked in a week and a half! *Fingers crossed* my iron’s good to go for that day!!

  3. I gave blood for the 1st time 3 months ago… You inspired me to do that, it was in my 1st “40 Day Challenge”! :-) I went back to give blood last Tuesday and be in your “20 people”, but my iron level wasn’t good… they ask for 12.0 and I had 11.7!! Just 0.3!! Damn! But the intention was there!

    I now have to wait 60 days before going back! They’ll see me again in November! :-)

  4. jen! you dyed your hair! it looks great!
    i’m donating blood after work next week with my friend Kelly! :)

  5. i just realized that this may be your sister, not you. Haha!

  6. There is a blood donor clinic at my school September 30th. I was debating on going but you just convinced me to sign up… Thank you Jen :)

  7. In 2004, I starting giving blood on a regular basis. First whole blood, then I moved to platelet donation in 2006. I donated platelets every two weeks to a month. It was a great feeling, but I secretly hated it – it took so long and was painful (I have weak, tiny veins). By 2008, I had a bad experience and I was having repeated trouble with my iron levels, so I just gave up. Then my brother was hit by a car. He spent a month in the ICU and had dozens of surgeries. It was a long recovery and he wouldn’t have made it without all the blood. Since, then I’ve been donating about twice a year. But…since I saw your first request for blood donors, I’ve manage to donate twice (once in July and once in October). I still kind of hate it, but it’s totally worth it. Yes, it’s uncomfortable, but it only takes mins and it makes a world of difference to real people.

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