Day 17 – You have to start somewhere

I started my new position at lululemon today.  I have to admit, I was really nervous heading into the office this morning, even though I’ve worked there for a while now. Same building, new project.  Different desk, different team, new creations.  Butterflies. Excitement.  The unknown.  It didn’t take long for me to get back into the groove of things – thank goodness.  Although, the nervous butterflies made me feel a bit queezy, they were probably there for a good reason.  A sign of the uncomfortable.  A sign of a challenge – doing something that scares me.  I’m challenging myself.  Once again, I’m reaching for something huge.  For something that before I would never have dreamed of even attempting.  For giving my all to.  For creating the impossible.

My role is pretty awesome if you ask me.  Although, just the title of it sounds intimidating.  Me?  Really?  I can do this?  YES.  Even though I don’t know how it will all unfold, I will start.  I will start somewhere.  And that’s just what I did today.  Asking questions.  Organizing.  Attending meetings.  Creating meetings.  Pitching ideas.  Getting input.  Asking for help.  Trying to wrap my head around the whole idea.  And slowly, it started to happen.  I started to feel okay.  I can do this.  Deep breath.  I can do this.

Anything that ever has been created had to start somewhere.  Someone, somewhere, had a big, crazy idea to start something.  And I bet you they didn’t exactly know how it would all be brought to life – but they started.  They begun.  Somewhere.  That’s all it took.  And that’s all it ever takes.  The attitude that yes, it is possible.  You can and WILL make it happen and you WILL surprise yourself.  You will discover a potential that was previously hidden.  That was waiting to be unleashed.  Explored.  Brought to life.  The catch?  If, and only if, you go after it.  If you allow yourself to explore.  To create.  To believe in yourself.  So start.  Begin.  Create.  Surprise yourself.  You never know what you can accomplish, until you begin.

You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” – Rabindaranath Tagore.  (Thanks for this inspiration today Tiny Devotions!)

“If we’re not a little uncomfortable every day, we’re not growing.  All the good stuff is outside our comfort zone.” – Jack Canfield (well said!)

Take this advice from mister Canfield himself.  Do something that scares you.  Out of your comfort zone.  Into the unknown.  You won’t know the amazing opportunities that are in front of you until you seek them out.  This life is yours to create.  Now go after it!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Congrats!!!!
    What is your new title??
    You are awesome!

  2. Lululemon and nursing! Livin’ the dream, girl!! That’s like getting to work both sides of the brain, best of both worlds!

    Thanks for the inspiration! I love the idea of doing something outside your comfort zone every single day.

  3. That’s really great advise, Jen; thanks! What I try to remember when I’m feeling uncomfortable in a situation is that by doing things that are even slightly outside of my comfort zone, my comfort zone will gradually become wider. I just love reading your blog, Jen; it’s my slice of comfort pie when I’m in need of a little pick-me-up. Thank you for smiling with your heart; your smiles are contagious! :)

  4. And congrats, of course!

  5. So very cool!!
    I love the new manifesto tee and the cabin tees!!

  6. Ps
    Can’t get either one in tucson store sooo I will be ordering online!!

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