Day 16 – “Be your best”

It’s a full moon.  A full moon which brings new intentions.  New beginnings.  At yoga tonight, we were encouraged to set an intention for the entierty of this moon cycle (yes, yoga brings out the hippie in me – and I love it).  My intention?  For this month? This insanely busy month full of new, challenging and somewhat scary, “how am I going to do this” jobs?  To BE my best. Starting today.  One full month of my head down, working hard.  Working hard to play harder (with a reward at the end of it with an R&R surfing trip to Tofino with the Josh-man – it can’t come soon enough).

My first thoughts towards an intention were to “try my best”.  But this didn’t feel enough.  To BE.  So much more grounded.  So much more truth.  I’m obviously trying in everything I do.  But the challenge comes with being in each moment.  Fully present.  Taking it all in.  Being my best.  To be my best in all of my relationships, my work, my writing, my yoga practice, my eating (80/20 – room for cookies!), my health and fitness, my-self.  To just be the best I can be.  It feels good.  It felt good repeating this throughout the class. To have this mantra with me for the whole month.  To reflect on it each morning – what actions am I going to take today that will enable me to be my best?  TODAY.  Every morning.  All it takes is 3 minutes to reflect on your intention.  What’s yours going to be?

It really is so simple.  If you want to grow an apple tree, you plant an apple seed.  If you want to be strong, and to feel strong, think strong thoughts.  Let your intention guide you.  Your intention is your strength.  Your rock.  Your foundation.

It really is so simple.  Think good thoughts.  Speak good words.  Take good actions.  It is all grounded within your intention.  Be strong in your intention.  Be simple.  Be your best.

Smile with your heart!

(Pictures are from my latest Granville Island adventure – my ‘artists date’ which involves a creative date with yourself at least once a week: ‘The Artists Way‘.  So good.  So amazingly good.)

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