Day 15 – All of a sudden, your ‘somehow’ becomes right-now

One set done!  Exhausted, definitely. Fulfilled from working hard and accomplishing the impossible?  Hands down without a doubt.  I did it.  Somehow I made it through my first set as a nurse.  And more importantly, my patients’ survived.  Pheww! Some even smiled, even better.  Thankfully there were just as many belly laughs as there were panicking moments, so overall I would have to say I enjoyed it.  Well, at least I felt good coming out of it.  The unit I’m on is one of the most challenging areas to start out (so everyone is saying): “Once you’ve worked on this ward, you can work anywhere“.  Anywhere?!  I personally like the sounds of that.  And I believe it.  Man those were a tough 4 days.  Hard, hard work.  But the rewards?  Exponential.  I’m learning so much in the nursing world, but also personally as well.  To laugh it off.  To not take things so seriously.  To try my best, and to not become upset with myself when I can’t do more than that.  Otherwise, I apparently won’t last on this ward.  And I get it.  Amazing, amazing people.

Sometimes the work sucks.  It’s hard.  You might wonder what the heck you’re doing. You might even have blood spurting out of legs at you or people trying to hit you (this was my eventful night last night), but all in all, if you’re working towards your goal, and doing what you love – then keep on keepin’ on.  That’s all you really can do.  Don’t worry about how it will happen, because it will.  Just believe that it will.  And make sure to enjoy the ride.  Even the tough parts.  Everything happens for a reason.  Every experience makes us who we are.  So smile at every moment, because it’s that exact moment that is shaping you.  That is making you great.  You might not know it yet, but just wait – all of a sudden, your ‘somehow’ becomes right-now.  So get ready for it. Expect it.  And enjoy some wine and dark chocolate while you’re at it. :)

Smile with your heart!

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  1. I love, love, love your positive attitude!!!! Inspiring me to smile with my heart ALWAYS!! ….even if i feel like being a grump! haha :0

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