Day 11 – Laughter really is the best medicine

Busy week?  I know what that feels like.  You would have laughed at me today had you seen me pulling my hair out at the hospital, trying to laugh off the stress.  I’m learning that laughter might really be the only way.  And realizing that you can only do your best -I’m learning this obviously as I’m still trying to be super woman – so I’m still learning.

I’m still buddied up with another nurse, not yet on my own.  3 more shifts to go though. I’m feeling so overwhelmed.  Nursing is tough!  I said this outloud today as I was receiving another new admission, “how am I going to ever do this on my own??!” And the answer from more than one nurse near by, “You never really are on your own.  We’re all in this together”.  How awesome is that.  Reasurrance.  They even laughed at how corny and Disney-ish it sounded, but it’s what I needed to hear.  And it was the truth.  The reason why so many people stay for years on the unit I work on?  The consistent answer: the people.  ‘I stay because of the people’.  What a great unit I have landed on.  Scary, super busy and crazy at times, but great great people.  Tons of learning and even more laughing. Laughter really is the best medicine.  Not just for the ones needing the care, but those providing it too.  Even for patients just listening to the light-heartedness of a laugh can help bring a smile to their day, making their time spent in a blue gown just a little bit better.  Laughter is definitely healing.

Any who, I find what helps me through a busy week is to meal prep.  Cut ahead. Cook ahead.  Jut making your fridge full and happy helps for a jam-packed, busy week. Here’s a curry dish I made last night which is going to last me all week (thanks to my step-mom for this one – she’s always passing on yummy dishes).  Super easy and inexpensive too.  So good! Click here for the link!

Every day is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.  Tomorrow morning when you wake up, try saying the words “THANK YOU” before even stepping out of bed.  Maybe continue saying these words as you walk around your kitchen and get your day started. We are so fortunate to have another day.  Some people don’t have this gift.  So be grateful! :)

Smile with your heart!

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  1. What floor are you on? And what hospital? My cousin Carrie works on the Spine unit in Van….not 100% sure what hospital though right now, lol. I think you two would get along great:) And Meal prep is key for any busy healthy life! You have to plan to succeed because failing to plan is planning to fail. I love that quote:) Keep up the great work. One day i will be in Van again and i’m booking you for a run on the seawall! I haven’t made it to donate blood again yet:( I leave Sunday for Vegas and i get married in Vegas September 16th!!! CRAZY! But i will soon!! And i will let you know when i do!

    • Hi Amy! I work at one of the main hospitals in van, on a super busy unit! Maybe we might just be in the same hospital :) !! Stoked you’re getting married next weekend!! Have the time of your life! See you when you’re in van!! :)

  2. Hi Jen. First of all I wanna say I LOVE your site, and everything you have to say, it definately is a mood booster at the end of the day :) Second, I was just wanting your advice for those of use younger students who have NO idea what they want to do for a career. Your journey has been so inspiring, so I was just wondering if you ever had those moments of WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING WITH LIFE!? Also, if this isn’t too much, all the people you feature on your blog seem to be living blissfully like you as well! What kind of things did they study at school, or graduate with?

    Thanks you much!
    Thank you for sharing your travels and experiences and for taking advantage of this BEAUTIFUL place we living in.


    • Thanks Brittny!! That is so kind of you! As for advice? I’m still not always sure what I’m doing, BUT! I’ve always made sure to want more. And to expect that I will one day bring together everything that I love. And for me, this is all happening right now. So advice? Keep doing what you love doing. Studying what you love studying. Working hard. Being around great people. Putting yourself out there. The more you do this, the more people you will meet in the area that you love, and ideas/dream jobs will come to you which you had no idea even existed. You might be able to even create that dream career for yourself :) And what I’m leaning, is that maybe there’s not exactly that perfect “career” that we get nailed down, but rather a lifestyle of always striving, of working hard, helping people and at the same time, feeling good. Right now – on the journey. I hope this helps! And as for my friends!?! I feel so blessed – I’ve met so many of them along the way. And I’ve stuck to them! Friends from all avenues of paths I’ve taken in doing what I love. So from everywhere! :) Thanks Britt!

      • THANK YOU SO MUCH! this really did help! After I read this I made a huge life chart of all things I love, and ways to get there. It;s kinda a mess right now, with my passions in a million different categories, but hopefully I”ll be able to connect everything one day :)

        you are great, your blog is great, what you are doing is great! so much love.
        Thanks again!!
        ps. sorry for posting this twice, my phone was messing up

  3. Just remember that you are an amazing nurse and keep that smile :)

  4. Umm, I’ve been nursing a year now, and I still have days where I wonder “how am I ever gonna do this on my own?!” Ahahaha!! It’s all good! :D

    That’s so great you’re lovin’ your unit!

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