Day 4 – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

We’ve all heard this saying before.  But does it really resonate?  Have you ever really thought about what it is suggesting?  I believe we decide what we claim to be beautiful. We have the choice.  And with this choice, we can choose to see the good in everything. Really – everything.

This picture is one of the favourite shots I snapped all trip.  It’s a spider web.  Big deal.  If you saw this in the corner of your kitchen, you’d probably be reaching for a broom to get rid of it.  But, if you place this exact same spider web in the woods, cover it with dew, add some natural sunlight, place a lens behind it and add a creative touch?  Brilliance.  Magic.  That same spider web.  It’s now one of my favourite pictures to look at.

Anything, really, can become beautiful just by changing our mindset, changing our angle, changing our own lens. Just as a camera can adjust it’s focus, so can we.  We have the ability to look at things from different viewpoints. It’s not just a single piece of glass we are looking through, but rather layers and layers of anything we choose.  We can choose lenses of curiosity, compassion, listening, observing, you name it.  Unlike a camera, we have an added bonus.  We have an advantage over the one-dimensional regular lens, which we too often find ourselves looking through – forgetting that there is so much more.  We have the choice to learn more, to gain an understanding of what the real beauty is that lies beneath.

For example, the homeless man outside of the grocery store asking for change as you enter, and as you exit you find him plugging car meters about to get ticketed (thanks for sharing this Laura :) ).  One of my patients today, struggling with every breath, who’s face came to life when she saw her grandaughter walk into the room, and then sharing a secret smile with her humble husband of 52 years.  Even the most horrifying event can bring families together.  Building friendships. Bringing the attention back to what really matters – the simple things in life.  Beauty.  Beauty is all around us.  It’s everywhere.  We just have to sometimes take a step back and look through different lenses, even beneath these lenses, to find different approaches to fully understand.  To learn of the story that lies beneath.

Day 4 of our trip was the longest and most challenging.  13km. With breaks included we gott’er done in about 11 hours, even including a night ride cable car and a curry dinner.  Challenging, definitely.  But looking back, this day brought out our true characters, allowing for real bonding and real friendships. There’s beauty in the authentic self, and being able to show this to the people you care about most.  Every raw inch of it.  There’s beauty everywhere we look.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Wow! What a great post! It’s funny because this morning I got caught up in the million other things today at work and I said ‘oh no!! I almost forgot to read my daily dose of positive energy!!’ haha Having said that I am sure glad I didn’t forget. This brought a very calm feeling to me and a huge smile! It’s a great reminder to appreciate the small things in life. You rock Jenn! And I am so amazed and inspired by your long journey through mud, hills, and eveything else while carrying a huge backpack the whole time! And still carrying enough wine and great meals for everyday? Too cool! Keep on keepin on… As you would say :)

  2. Jenn your photos are great. And I couldn’t agree more with what you say about perspective. Reminds me of a quote from William Blake – “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” Thanks for reminding us to look beneath the surface :)

  3. Bang on! I read everyday and enjoy every post, but this one….wow, I love it! It’s so true different perspectives, grasping everything b/c you just never know what the next minute, hour, day, week may hold. Beautiful and perfect.

  4. I look forward to your posts everyday Jenn but WOW the last couple have been quite profound!! Perfect timing as always. I read your posts and can directly relate them to my daily life so thank you!! You are quite an amazing woman! Keep living your life and sharing your EPIC OUTLOOK ON LIFE!!! p.s omgosh were’nt you afraid of the wild animals out there on the North Coast Trail?? Love the pic of the bear tho…but scary :)

    • Thanks Carolyn – yea, I guess you can say I’ve been pretty inspired lately by this trip :) It’s amazing what putting yourself out in the middle of no where with bears and whales will do!! :) Wasn’t afraid – with that many of us, they won’t hurt us :) Plus, I’ve got big pipes to fight them off!!! lol.. yeah RIGHT!

  5. What a day! It was all the positive energy, support and encouragement from your three that got me through day 4! The most challenging day mentally and physically – but so rewarding! We did it! :)

    • Thanks HEATHER!!!! I’m so glad to have shared this with you!!!! The pictures are helping me to forget all of those hard times – already stoked for the next hike!!! Can’t believe we DID IT!! :)

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