Day 2 – Bring your bliss with you

It’s weird.  I’m having a semi-hard time being back in the city.  A hard time adjusting.  I seem to always have this same problem after a big trip – especially one that involves such a drastic culture shock to different environments: bears & sea otters as my neighbours with only the sound of the ocean vs. loud neighbours watching tv until midnight with the sound of sirens and honking horns in the background.  It’s funny how much your senses drown out when you are immersed in an environment on a regular basis.  Take yourself out for a while and you’ll re-hear and re-see things for the very first time.

I was in a somewhat kind of a loner mood yesterday. Just wanting to be by myself.  Quiet.  In my own thoughts.  I’m definitely more of an introvert than you might think.  I need a whole ton of alone time to keep myself happy.  I needed some time to take the whole week in.  We were so crammed for time that I didn’t really get to take much in during the hike itself; rather, I guess I’m reflecting on it now.  Why is it that removing ourselves from the ordinary can be so hard for our bodies and our minds to adjust?  It was only 5 days in the wilderness and yet I’m feeling like this city is so foreign to me.  I’ll warm up to it.  This americano is helping do the trick. :)

Picture yourself in your best element.  Your natural high.  What are you doing?  Where are you?  Smiling? Probably.  Maybe just a sneaky smile that only you and your surroundings can share.  For me, my greatest self is out there in the wild.  With the ocean and the trees, with miles and miles of beaches, forests and trails to explore.  Challenging myself to the point of exhaustion, busting a sweat, with the people I care for the most.  This is my bliss.  This is my best self.

In yoga, we are often reminded to not leave our yoga on the mat.  Meaning, to bring the feeling of bliss with us out into our every day lives.  There have been times where I’ve been in such a relaxed state at the end of the class, that I’ve become annoyed to be woken up from the final resting pose.  But that in itself is the trick.  To learn not to become aggitated, but rather to allow this euphoric feeling to enhance ourselves in everything that we do.  To bring it with us.  This feeling of bliss.  This feeling of being alive, compassionate, kind, grounded, centered – gratitude. The feeling of when you are at your highest self.  In your greatest element.

This is what I’m working on this week.  Trying to not become agitated with the hustle and bustle of the little things that once again seem a little too foreign.  To make the adjustment.  To bring my bliss back with me to the city.  It’s a choice that I have.  I can choose to let all of the busyness annoy me, or I can breathe, stay in a place of calmness and remember how amazing a natural high feels – bringing it with me in everything I do.  

Whatever gives you this feeling of bliss, grab onto it.  Bring it with you into this moment.  Picture your best self, raise the corners of your mouth into a smile, and just be in the moment.  This moment.  Whatever you might be doing, bring your bliss with you.  All it takes is a shift in our awareness. And most importantly, try as much as you can to put yourself into your element. Doing what you love.   It’s so simple.  So very simple.

Here are some pictures from Day 2 of the North Coast Trail.  We woke up with the warmth of the sun to the sound of waves crashing on the beach and sea gulls singing their song.  We enjoyed a lazy breakfast with Americanos (the BEST thing we brought on the entire trip -an espresso machine!) before packing up everything onto our backs once again.  I always love seeing everything that has exploded from our bags turn once again into nothing – like no one was ever there in the first place.  We hiked a total of 8km along beaches, over rivers and through the forest.  The trail didn’t want to let me go at one point, where my leg fell all the way down into a hole – that left a nasty bruise, on top of all of the scratches and mozzy bites I have all over my poor body!  We got to enjoy the day with grey whales, eagles, and sea otters enjoying an afternoon delight (no joke!).  I think we ran into 2 other people throughout the whole day.  Rugged.  Lots of sweat, trail-mix, capers cookies and smiles.  Burritos a la JT with wine to top off the night.  Another amazing day under the sun.  Exhausted but so worth it.

Smile with your heart!



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  1. Thank you for this post. I love this challenge…. I am going to try to do this too. Yourd pictures are great…. Looks like you had a blast!

  2. What a great adventure! You always seem to be eating well while you backpack or camp. It would be great if you could add some backpacking friendly foods to your Healthy Eats tab!

  3. I love too read your post, you write so much clever stuff. I love beeing outdoor, for this weekend I and a friend went to a national park close to Stockholm just to sleep under the stars, and when it started to rain at 3 am we whent inside the tent, we woke up with a thunder storm and if felt so cosy in the tent. When the rain stoped we went out just talked and when the sun came we did yoga.
    For me it’s hard to live in a big town, I want to have a house were I can eat breakfast outside during the summer, I also here the sirens from ambulans all throw the night, but I also love Stockholm because it’s easy to get outside. I forget so fast the bliss in being outdoor.

  4. Wow!! Incredible photos of an amazing adventure. That is so cool!!!! I am going to put that trail on my bucket list!
    Great advice for bringing your bliss. I look forward to your posts as I travel on my journey through life!
    Blessings always!

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