Day 38 – Have a ‘balanced’ day!

Tonight I was inspired by Joseph, also known as JT, the happy guy who balances rocks just outside of Granville Island.  If you live around here, you know who I’m talking about.  He’s there everyday.  I’ve always wanted to stop and talk but always seemed to run on by.  Today I stopped.  He was just packing away his signs that read, “have a balanced day!“.  Made me smile.  I mentioned to him how much I appreciated his work and that I wanted to write about his rocks.  He assured me that tomorrow was a better day for pictures, in his strong European accent: “come back tomorrow and we make good pictures for you”.  I snapped a few, but will be back.  I’m curious to know his story.

I believe so strongly how important it is to lead a balanced life.  A balanced day for that matter.  To always continually be stimulating both sides of our brain.  For me, I have two big passions.  For one, I’m incredibly passionate about science.  The human body.  Physiology.  Emergency First Aid.  Exercise science. Love that stuff.  My other major passion, which I’m only beginning to understand it’s importance in my life, is creating.  Creating uniqueness out of the ordinary.  Turning grandiose ideas into awe-inspiring realities where there were initially only glimpses of hope.  All of this with a foundation in caring.  Empathizing.  Making people feel good.  Feeling better. Feeling inspired.

Somehow I’m managing to create a life for myself which involves both.  Somehow.  A brilliant balance between left and right – yin and yang.  A runner and a yogi.  A cookie monster and a smoothie addict.   A nurse, who just so happened to start her very own job this week (yesssss!) and a creator at one of the best companies in the world, combining an inspiring group of creative minds together on one of the coolest projects that lululemon has ever put together.  (Trust me, when I can let you know about it – I will.  So cool).  And best of all – I get to involve you in this journey. Writing.  I love to write.  I get to share with you my world of science – the Nursing world which is an entirely different culture in itself – and the world of creativity, goal setting, vision making, nation-inspiring, plain out awesomeness at lululemon.  Balance.

I took this picture on the backdrop of my phone on Sunday morning when I went up to one of my favourite spots in Deep Cove to do some ‘work’  (meaning journalling, note taking, list making, writing, you name it).  My office.  My dream office.  I saved it on my phone backdrop to continually remind myself of what I want. To keep me on track with my dreams.  Well.  As I was finishing off my run tonight, I looked down and had to snap shot this picture. The title of the song was ‘Imagine’ – over top of my dream office.  Co-incidence?  Nahh.  Belief perhaps. A sign telling me to keep on going.  Keep on dreaming big. Keep on working hard.  Keep on creating my dream.  It IS possible.  If you believe it, you will achieve it.  This has obviously been the theme for me this week!  At least the good thing of being a broken record is that we remember things which are repeated to us 3 times.  So there you go!  Believe it!

Here’s a picture of my nightstand with a balancing act of books.  I am often asked for any book recommendations or which books I’m reading at the moment – so here goes. You’ll notice they are all to do with anything and everything (balance once again!).  I usually don’t read one book at once.  This many books is a little over kill, but that’s just how excited I am about everything right now.  Life is good!

Here’s the list!

  • Eastern Body Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self – Anodea Judith (Thanks Elizabeth for this reco!)
  • A Fine Balance – Rohinton Mistry
  • Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen – Christopher McDougall
  • Crazy Sexy Diet – Kris Carr
  • When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times – Pema Chodron (don’t be fooled by the title!  This book is amazing!)
  • Wilderness Medical Society: Practice Guidelines for Wilderness Emergency Care – William W. Forgery, M.D.
  • The Tao of Leadership – John  Heider
  • The Artists Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity – Julia Cameron
  • And lately, Nursing textbooks have been making their appearance once again :)
Combine your passions.  Create your dream life.  Who’s stopping you?  If anyone, it’s only yourself.  Toss that little voice out the window and keep on keepin’ on.   Keep doing what you love.  You’ll discover that it really is so much more possible than you thought.  My dream?  A combo of adventure, Nursing, lululemon and writing – science and creation. Left brain, right brain.  Aid work, Wilderness First Aid, Nursing, yoga and adventures while spreading & creating excitement of inspiration and health.  Helping everyone believe that it is more than possible to have everything you want in life.  It’s all happening.  Who would have thought it could actually happen.  BELIEVE IT!  Imagine! This post is your sign to keep doing what you’re doing.  My sign was a snap shot photo – this is yours.  Now run with it!
Smile with your heart!  
P.S.  If you have any book recommendations, please share!
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  1. I’m glad you’re liking Anodea’s book!! It’s a heavy read… I tend to come back to it when I need to do some thinking.

    Also check out Christina Sell’s “Yoga from the Inside Out” – I JUST finished it and it’s truly inspiring. My next read is Ana Forrest’s book “Fierce Medicine”

    Hope to see you in class soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Sometimes when I read your blog I wish you were close enough to hug!!!!!!!! :D

  3. Thanks jen! i am thinking of asking u to be my life coach! u are inspiring me tons and its amazing to bring myself outside and observe and smile. u have a special gift, and i am so glad to see how its being used to makes dreams (yours… and … the worlds) come true! my book recommendation i “love.freedom. aloneness” – by osho. very provoking, honest and i believe important piece of work. xo! keep going!

  4. So where did you get a job nursing??? So exciting that it’s finally coming together. You do have an awesome balance going on! The best of both worlds.Very important and something most of us don’t do. I need to practice more balance in my life for sure. It’s coming. A big shift is going on right now with me slowly but surely. Meditation is helping immensly. I try to get in a morning and afternoon sesh in daily. Doesn’t always happen though. But i do always get one in at least:)

    Keep on keeping on:)

    PS. I love getting my Lulu newsletters always looking for you modeling:)

  5. YOU ARE AMAZING! I open SWYH everyday on my computer. I read your post and keep it open all day as my little reminder of all the What Else, More, How, Why, I can do this that floods my mind when reading and working. For weeks I have felt the tears build up in my eyes, pouring from heart but they don’t come. I just need a good cry. So much I want to do in my life and for so many different reasons. I don’t have my $h!t together yet. But I am lucky to know what my PASSION and calling are-I want to be a Midwife. I have decided that the most stable thing for me to do is go to nursing school then pursue midwifery. While I’m taking the road to my DREAM I can work as a nurse to pay the bills, make connections, and work as a nurturing being in the medical field. And then I read this :”Combine your passions. Create your dream life. Who’s stopping you? If anyone, it’s only yourself. ” And the tears started flowing. Life is good. But I know it can be SO MUCH BETTER. I have a lot to be thankful for. But I WANT so much more. More genuine engagement with the people in my life. More hair raising, feel good, permagrin moments. More love. And I know the path to get there is by following my dream-combining my passions. I have never wanted to quit my job and just walk away from this desk so bad before. But I have to also have faith in the timing.

    Wow…thanks for the good cry.

  6. JT!!! It’s been too long I left a comment and I have been reading your blog everyday still and am so grateful I get to read your inspiring posts yaaay. Also congrats on your job!!!!
    Some of my book lists that I recommend:
    – the way of the happy women : sara avant stover (I met her! She’s so powerful and amazing)
    – a life worth breathing : max storm
    – the leadership challenge: kouzes and posner
    – anatomy trains

    thanks soo much again for doing what ur doing !
    U are already inspiring a nation with just being your true self. Keep listening to your body, mind and spirit !!
    Loves from holland

  7. “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. I haven’t finished it yet…but I like it :)

  8. Your posts are always so inspirational and always give me something to think about :)

  9. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – favourtie book of all time!

  10. That sounds so exciting – combining all your passions to create a great life :)

    Crazy – I recently started my first blog.. Called balance & bliss :) great minds think a like I guess.. Haha

  11. “Turning grandiose ideas into awe-inspiring realities where there were initially only glimpses of hope.”
    Beautifully written, truly inspiring.

  12. Run Like A Girl…It’s an amzing book about how sports help women build strong, healthy lives. Wonderful book!!!

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