Day 37 – High on Giving

(If you are only skimming this post, PLEASE make sure to watch this link from imagine1day, and read about it below.  Please.  If you want to feel good and feel inspired to give more and make a difference, spend the 1 minute and watch it).

I feel so blessed to have been given the experience to personally drop off the cheque of the money fundraised at lululemon SSC (Store Support Centre – aka the head office) a few weeks ago.  Giving gives me an indescribable high.  I can’t get enough of it.  I can’t smile enough from it.  It feels good.

Last week, I had the opportunity of dropping off another cheque to BC Children’s Hospital of the money fundraised from ivivva.  We walk in to the hospital and this is what I first see:  “Making Change Matter”.  I was already inspired to give some of my spare coin lying around, as well as to encourage others to give their spare coin to the Royal Banks across BC.  Done.  What’s even better is that when we walked up to the desk of the BC Childrens Hospital Foundation, Carol was literally counting pennies. Change matters.  Change makes a difference.  EVERY PENNY.  To see this was in itself an eye opening experience.  To see every penny that is donated to be counted by hand?  Wow.  What a difference every penny makes.   Give and get the giving high.  You can never give enough.

I walked up to the desk and with a beaming smile, told Carol that on behalf of ivivva, we were handing her a cheque of close to $3000.  You should have seen her face.  The best part?  The president of BCCH Foundation was in the midst of walking away as I walked up, but turned quickly around as soon as she heard this music to her ears.  The cheque was passed directly to the President of the foundation.  How cool is that timing for you.  If I hadn’t have stepped in that big mud puddle and sprayed mud all over myself prior to entering the buiding (the only mud puddle in the whole field – these types of things always seem to happen to me!), I might have missed this opportunity.  Everything seems to happen for a reason I guess.

This was a great enough day as it was.  What made it better was an email I received from the Executive Director of imagine1day with a photo roll expressing their gratitude.  PEASE watch this.  It will take less than a minute, but will give you a smile that will last all day.  Goosebumps and teary eyes.  LOOK at what your donations do.  Just watch.  Then give.  Give to people who are in need.  Giving does so much more than you initially think.  Ripple effects are exponential.  Ripple effects encouraging our very own aid trip, already in the works – this is gonna be good.

The day just kept getting better and better.  High from giving, Josh and I headed to Squamish to rock climb the Smoke Bluffs beside the Chief.  I’m proud to say I tried something else that scared the crap out of me.  Repelling.  Looks easy until you are attached to a chain at the top of a monstrous rock with only your hands to aid as a break.  Man this guy challenges me – I’m loving it.  Everyone needs a bit of a challenge, I’m happy I’m getting my butt kicked with all of them!  After shaking for a few moments, then taking the plunge and laughing my ass off at how fun it was,  I had to throw in a few yoga poses on the way down (obviously).  Doing things that scare you.  Another natural high on life.

Give as much as you can, then give some more.  Don’t worry about where it’s going to come from.  As written directy from our new friends in Ethiopia “Contribution creates Abundance”.  This includes not only to who you are giving to, but abundance of everything imaginable for yourself as well.  A natural high that keeps on giving.

Smile with your heart!

Oh, and see this picture below?  THIS is what I’ll be climbing next summer!!  Angel’s Crest, up the CHIEF!

See how happy I am with this?!  That’s been a goal of mine for YEARS – and now it’s all happening.  Don’t give up on your goals.  The right people will show up in your life when the timing is right.  It’s inevitable when you believe it with all your heart. :)

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  1. So fantastic, Jenn!!! You are living your dreams and inspiring many to do the same! Thank you!!

  2. That is a BIGGGG rock!!! Good for you…can’t wait to read all about it :)

  3. oooooooo this is sooooo good! lots of ooooooooooos here i feel like i have sum new eyes or windows! what a rocking think/thing lululemon has done for that community! AND WHAT A POSITIVE MESSAGE TO PUT IN THEIR HANDS LITERALLY! LUV LUV LUV THIS JEN! and i LUV that u are working for an enlightened company! incredible!!!!!! luv u lots and am super happy and smiling with my heart from this blog!

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