Day 32 – Recognizing & Removing Constraints

I had a blog post all ready to go this morning.  Sometimes I just feel an urge of inspiration, literally as if something is moving through me and I have to write.  In-spirit.  I couldn’t say it much better than that.  That, however, was earlier in the day.  That post will be up tomorrow instead.  Life threw me a bit of a curve ball this evening, which threw me back just a little.  Hence, this post instead.

I know that my life has been pretty and pink lately.  I even said to a friend today that I’m almost expecting something out of the ordinary to be coming my way, since I know that this is how life works.  Roller coasters of ups and downs.  I get it.  Maybe perhaps in thinking this I put out the not so great vibes?  Either way, I got some unpleasant news today in a phone call during my run.  I don’t normally answer my phone while running, but this one was long distance.  Not so happy news which made me act a little short to the poor lady on the phone (I’m sorry nice lady!).  I wasn’t too impressed.  $h!T happens I guess.  Oh well.

Anyways, I took this info pretty hard.  I almost let it get to me enough to stop my run and hit up Dairy Queen instead (which by the way, $1 of every blizzard ordered today went to your local Children’s Hospital.  So cool).  BUT.  I didn’t let it.  Instead, I thought back to my INCREDIBLE vision and goal session I attended at lululemon today with the oh-so-inspiring Jenna Hills.  I thought back to this and I smiled.  Still pretty pissed off, but I smiled.  I had been given a tool today.  A reminder that road blocks are inevitable.  It’s as if I had manifested this situation just to practice what I had learned.   I continued on my run.  I wasn’t going to let this news wreck my evening of zen – running and sweating until the sun goes down.

One of the most valuable tools I got out of my vision and goal session today was to do with possibility.  Infinite and beautiful possibility. (I love lululemon by the way – have I mentioned that lately?  Vision and goals at work?  My heaven).  The 3 steps to encourage beautiful possibility: (1) Leave your past in the past (2) Recognize your constraints – and remove them! (3) shift from below to above the line (from negative feelings below the line of possibility to positive ones in the realm of possibility above the line – ie. shift from fear to faith).

The phone call I received was a constraint.  A test as I saw it.  Often our biggest constraints are the usual: money, time and ourselves (mostly our rational brain trying to convince us that the possible is rather impossible).  Instead of allowing myself to become discouraged from the goals I had so neatly written out today, I smiled and acknowledged this as a constraint.  That’s why it’s so important to set long term goals – to allow ourselves enough time to work around these surprises.  To decrease discouragement, and increase the feelings of belief – creating possibility.

It’s impossible to have a peachy life without roadblocks.  It’s how we handle these roadblocks which determines our success.  Are you going to let it stop you?  Or are you going to work around it.  Work with it.  Remove it.  Anything really is possible.  We can’t let our ego tell us that it’s not.  I didn’t let my ego ruin my big plans with this minor setback.  Yes, I did get upset and let it affect my mood, but not for long.  Instead, I started thinking creatively of how I could make it happen – differently.  What else could I do to create what I want.  It was a lesson.  A reminder of humility.  A reminder that life is far from perfect.  It goes up and it comes down.  It’s how we handle the valleys which really matters.  It’s easy to be happy when life is grand.  But when curve balls are thrown, that’s when our talent and authenticity rise to the surface.  Our real self, our vulnerable self, becomes clear and visible.

Believe in possibility.  Set goals, and then discover your constraints.  Recognize them when they’re thrown at you.  Don’t let your ego tell you to stop there, but rather REMOVE THEM.  Possibility comes from believing and knowing that you can have what you want – no matter what.  Smile at the curve balls.  Ask for the curve balls.  Stay determined.  Expect them with confidence.  If every pitch was thrown straight down the middle, the game would be pretty boring.

So be grateful for the unexpected because it keeps you on your toes.  Next time you are in a similar situation as I was in today, be grateful.  Be grateful that you have the possibility to create.  To be challenged.  To grow.  To stay on your toes.  You are in the game.  You are in it.  How exciting is that.  Up or down, life is pretty darn cool. It’s only a matter of changing how we look at things that makes it that much better.

Smile with your heart

P.S. I love Mountain Equipment Co-op almost as much as I love lululemon.  Check out what they are doing to help the environment.  It only takes one person to make a difference!

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  1. Wow amazing positive way of looking at it!!! Yah Jen:) Funny how i said to a friend yesterday that easy is boring! Goes along with your post very well. Challenges, constraints etc make life interesting and fun and make you use that brain of yours to come up with a new approach or way around that roadblock. Yes they suck but you just need to be positive and grateful for the challenge. Glad you were able to turn your mood around. That can be really hard at times! Hope your run was GREAT!!! Are you still doing the honolulu marathon? I am doing my 5th half end of Oct..YAH!!! I love running most amazing stress reliever other than yoga of course! But it’s a different kind. I need both to keep grounded:)

  2. THIS, I tell ya, is a GREAT post Jenn!!!! You are very good at putting positive thoughts into words and affirmations and I look forward to reading them. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! thanx Jenn

  3. Thanks for the Lulu goal & vision sheet!

  4. Life can just plain suck at times BUT it’s the way you react to the challenges that defines you and what you want out of life. You are so wonderful at turning things positive and reminding me to do the same :) Thanks.

  5. just found your blog and wanted to say Hi! It’s a great site you have going and your topics are addictive to read!!!! <3

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