Day 31 – Put your dreams where you can see them

This was me last night.  Don’t worry, I’m alright – just keep reading.

Going back 5 years now, I remember standing up in front of 60 people I had never met.  The question: So why do you want to be a nurse?  My answer: I want to jump out of helicopters and rescue people.  Yep.  First day of Nursing school – this was my goal.  There were some giggles in the room, including some coming from myself.  A big part of me didn’t actually believe that I could do that.  That I could create my dream.  That I could actually make it happen.  It was definitely out of the ordinary, compared to everyone else’s responses.  But a small bit of me felt passionate for it and BELIEVED that this would carry me through school.  This passion.

Somewhere along the way, my nose was so buried in the books and I was so focused on getting to the end that this dream started to fizzle away.  Not that I didn’t want it anymore, but I just sort of lost track.  I started to really dislike Nursing.  It wasn’t until my 3rd year in the program where I met an ex-emergency Nurse working in community who shared her work experience stories with me, for hours.  This chick actually jumped out of helicopters.  She worked on cruise ships, travelled around the world, and jumped out of helicopters.  So it was possible!  I had a glimpse of hope but thought that was impossible, right now.  Years into my career I”ll be doing this, right?  Either way, I kept on plugging.

Up until recently, I had once again forgotten this goal.  Until.  Until I volunteered my time with the medical team on BC Bike Race and worked with people who ACTUALLY DO THIS!  It is closer to my fingertips than I ever believed.  That’s where last night came in.  I got a message from Josh letting me know he’s got a modeling gig for me lined up which would involve a boat ride and a broken leg if I was up for it (very funny – haha).  Huh??  Are you pulling my leg?  Turns out I was asked to help out with the Coquitlam Search & Rescue team (thank you so much Rollie and Josh!  And to the team for having me out!  Great to see so many of the BC Bike Race crew too!) – I couldn’t have said YES with any more enthusiasm.  Man that was cool.  I want THIS!  It’s added to the list.  Jenn Thiel – Coquitlam Search and Rescue Member.  Done.

It’s easy to lose track of our focus.  That’s why it’s so important to put your dreams where you can see them.  Whether it be written down as a goal on a wall in your kitchen where you see it everyday, or on a vision board which stares back at you every morning you wake up (maybe perhaps a vision kitchen which keeps on growing, soon to be into the living room – I can’t stop!).  Keep your focus.  It’s so easy to lose track.  Thankfully, I wanted this so bad that things in my life just happened to work my way back to it.  I guess that’s inevitable with so much going on in our lives today – so many choices.  So keep focused.  Put your dreams where you can see them.  And most importantly, BELIEVE.  Because anything is possible.  Even jumping out of helicopters to rescue people. Your dreams are closer than you think.  Just open your eyes and BELIEVE.

Smile with your heart!

P.S. I’m LOVING how so many people are STOKED about the Bring Your Damn Cup Campaign!!!  You guys are so awesome.  I woke up so excited this morning, not being able to sleep much.  I can’t believe how much of a ripple effect is forming.  With all of your comments, emails and support – this is going to be a life changing event.  I can feel it.  I’ve had friends responses within the matter of seconds after sending a few texts: “I guess this means I’m going to have to go mug shopping!” and “I’m going to start slapping cups out of people’s hands – is this okay?!” and “I’m going to send a mass email to everyone I know”.  You guys rock.  YOU are making this change.  Thank you for inspiring me to just put it on paper.  But it’s not me that’s doing it, it’s all of you reading.  So THANK YOU.  Let’s keep on spreading this.  I’m liking BYDB (bring your damn bag) as well, and BYDW (water bottles) – great ideas!  Make it whatever you want!  The more people on board the better.  It’s easier when you have someone to keep you accountable.  Like yesterday for example, I had to get a CPR recert so I went to buy Andy a coffee prior to going to the pool.  Thankfully I was reminded that buying coffee for someone else STILL COUNTS.  Pheww!  Thanks Josh!  Why not pour from my mug into someone elses.  So EASY!  And it spreads the BYDC love!  Keep on Keepin’ on!!  You are all so amazing!!!!

Oh, and as for ‘forgetting’ penalties – I’m loving your ideas.  Picking up garbage, buying the person behind you a coffee (paying it forward!), and/or giving 5$ to charity. Any one stick out for you?  What do you think?!  And please continue adding your name to the last post.  Look at the list so far!!!!

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  1. Good for you for achieving another goal! Still, super inspired by you!
    Also, so you know, after reading BYODC, I enrolled other staff at work to BYODC to work everyday. We have a cafe in the gym we work at and day after day I see disposable mugs in their hands (and mine), then in the garbage. So, 7 of us have decided to bring our own mugs to work for coffee and tea (even smoothies!). IF we see someone who committed to bringing their own damn cup using a disposable cup, the person using the disposable has to buy us coffee/tea the next day! Everyone is really excited about this challenge. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Reading your posts put a smile on my face a gives me a zest of life for my day…thank you!!!

  3. LIVE UR DREAMS! I LUV THIS ! YES AND … YES! u can do anything u want jen! luv u!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this Jenn. I also found your blog to be a lot of fun to navigate through!

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