Day 29 – It’s the people that make it

I had to write an extra post about a few things that were just too good to be placed with everything else that was awesome from our adventure weekend.  Men reading this, take note. In need of a few brownie points?  Pay close attention – this stuff is good!  I was shocked at this idea! :)

A Shakespeare play on a farm, in the middle of almost nowhere.  Hands down one of the coolest things I’ve done.  Who comes up with these ideas?!  Caravan Farm Theatre in Armstrong, about a 5 hour drive East from Vancouver. It was a Midsummer Night’s Dream – literally.  The show started at 7:30 on a sunny, calm Friday evening. The stars were just starting to come out.  As soon as we pulled up, I felt like I was a kid again.  It was like going to a fair, horses included, with the happiest people greeting you – even giving us a stamp that read “You’re Special”.  Nice touch.  The play was sensational.  I’ve never seen a Shakespeare play, so I wasn’t sure at all what to expect.  I really didn’t think I’d be laughing so hard. These guys were good.  It helped a ton reading the synopsis from our very own Shakespeare book prior to watching (definitely recommend this), otherwise I probably wouldn’t have had much of a clue.  The actors were extremely talented. They definitely made this an unforgettable experience.  I wish I could have taken some pictures, but they discouraged any photos – fair enough.  I’d want to keep this somewhat of a secret myself!  It was such a cool atmosphere I’m kind of stuck for words.  You just have to check it out for yourself.  They offer plays all year round.  A different one each season.  Guess where we’ll be watching the next play bundled up in the snow – yep!  I will be back!  SO COOL!

Another amazing experience we encountered was stumbling upon a new favourite winery in West Kelowna.  Beaumont Family Estate Winery.  We were intrigued by this one because first off, it was Organic, and secondly their logo was a big music note – done and done.  We walk in to the sound of people singing and laughing to the strum of a guitar. This was a happy place.  I liked it instantly.  Whilst we tasted all of the wines on the list, we got to talking to the owners.  A family business.  A family passionate for nature, arts, music and wine.  Music to my ears!  I’ve never had such a great and memorable trip to a winery.  The Beaumont Godfather himself even played and sang for us our very own song. Unforgettable.  We left feeling amazing with a bottle of wine, genuine glowing smiles, and a new memory.  Now it is a definite stop every time through Kelowna.  Next time you’re heading through Kelowna, stop by the Beaumont Winery and tell them Smile with your Heart sent you.  You will love it guaranteed.  It’s definitely the people that make it.

Great people with great passion = great work.  Put a bunch of great people in a room together all with one goal in mind, and miracles happen.  It might be actors passionate about Shakespeare, or it might be a family passionate about health, love and wine. Whatever it is, the two combined is like dynamite.

I had planned on writing this post prior to going to my yoga class tonight.  I guess things happen for a reason, because at the end of the class, just before we were to say our final prayer, Reno suggested that we open our eyes and look around the room.  To notice and acknowledge all of the beautiful people in the room who were all here for the same reason – to share in the same passion for love and togetherness.  No, it’s not easy the work that we do together, but the work becomes great and more meaningful when all of this passion is combined.  It’s the people that make it.  Discover your passion and DO IT. Follow it.  You will find people who love it as much as you.  And when you do?  Get ready for magic to happen.  And when this magic happens?  Use it.  Follow it.  Create more of it. There’s only so much magic you can save, so make sure you ride the wave.  EN-JOY it.  It’s the people that make it – so surround yourself with LOVE.  PASSION.  And MAGIC.

Smile with your heart!

More pics from another unforgettable experience at the Skookumchuck Hot Springs.  You have to check it out!  If not in Vancouver, somewhere close to you!!  AMAZING!!  This is getting tricky, with all of these things I have to go back to, how am I supposed to do all of the new things on my list?!!  There’s so much fun stuff to do!!!  Thanks for reading and inspiring me to keep on keepin’ on!! :)

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  1. wow jen i feel like we were riding the same wave this weekend! love this post! its so true! and i love the element of magic to a place… shakespeare, guitars, and vineyards, family buisnesses! wow… hmmm elegance at best! loving smiling with my heart! xo bellisima!

    • That’s funny Lisa, I kept talking about you this weekend – I wish you could have been there!!! YOu were definitely in my thoughts a ton, so I’m not surprised we were on the same wavelength!!! love you!!! xox

  2. You have to check out Sloquet Creek hotsprings. Its just past Skookumchuck! There is a great camping area as well. Its amazing. Three natural pools that cascade into eachother RIGHT beside the creek! You would LOVE IT! You can sit in the bottom pool with your feet in the creek!

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