Day 28 – Keep on keepin’ on

First off I just want to thank Nat for the last 2 weekend posts.  Once again I’m blown away at how intelligent and passionate about health and healing you are!  Thank you NAT! Please continue asking questions to Dr. Nat, here, or by emailing me at  You can also find more information on Dr. Nat’s website here.  Thank you for the comments listed so far.  Please keep on keepin’ on with them!

Now, onto my insanely fun-filled, idea inspiring blissed out adventure weekend update…. Man it was good!

So by now, if you’ve been following my blog for some time, you’ve pretty much figured me out. I’m kind of simple, straight forward and love love LOVE adventures.  When I show you the adventure list of fun this weekend you’ll probably agree that, yep, it’s a fun filled weekend not out of the ordinary pour moi.  But there’s a new best part to this.  A partner in crime who loves everything that I’ve already been doing plus a whole lot more.  The exciting adventure bar has been raised.  Crazy.  Same kind of list with a whole new element of fun, more smiles and belly laughs added to it.  Who’d have thought there was someone out there that loves life, adventure, fun and helping people just as much as me, if not more.  Who would have thought.

I strongly believe that you HAVE to do what you love.  Its a must.  And if you don’t have anyone to join you yet?  Do it anyways.  An even better reason to do it. It’s easier to meet people when you are singled out.  When you are in your element, glowing with passion and confidence.  Doing what you love.  That is attractive for anyone.  So get out there and keep on keepin’ on.  Sign up for that lesson, go on that trip, get your butt to that concert.  Just do it – you’ll always be surrounded by people who love the same thing so that’s the least of your worries. A little Field of Dreams quotation for you: “build it and they will come”.  Keep on keepin’ on and you’ll attract and be surrounded by passionate individuals, new best friends and fun loving adventures that fill up your love tank and your heart.

Here’s Josh and i’s adventure list of the weekend.  I love BC!!!!!

  1. Eagle watching in Squamish, followed by some premium coffee at Bean Around the World (a roadtrip must).
  2. Grocery shopping in Whistler + a quick visit to my favorite hippie store for some Nag Champa – camping never smelt so good!
  3. A close bear hugging encounter on the In-shuck-ch road en route to  the hot springs.
  4. Dinner, wine and a breakout jam session with the geets around the campfire.
  5. Wrinkle enducing soak in the oh so heavenly natural hot springs at Skookumchuck Hot Springs – my first one ever in BC.
  6. A little yogz with the waking sun after one of the best tent sleeps having been serenaded by the neighbouring creek’s peaceful lullaby – all night long.
  7. Sweaty trail run up the backside of Joffre lakes, led for a few minutes by a butterfly (only one other car seemed to know about this secret spot!! Epic! Who knew?!!)
  8. One of the coolest things I’ve ever done on a farm out in the boonies of Armstrong (I’m going to write about this one in tomorrow’s post – for the men reading this, get ready to take some notes.  Brownie points are coming your way!)
  9. Secret camp spot beside a beautiful lake down a really really long logging road (did you know that all BC Forest Service Rec sites are FREE??!  You can stay for up to 2 weeks, for free. Crazy)
  10. Best surprise brunch EVER at Friesen’s in Coldstream, which included live music and tasty tasty French toast (more brownie points).
  11. A small hike to Kalamalka lake to pass the day away (gorgeous).
  12. A trip to my new favorite winery, hands down.  Beaumont Family Estate Winery.  I’ll write more about this tomorrow because it just blew us away.
  13. More camping at another site in Oliver, Okanagan veggies grilled over the fire, wine consumed.
  14. Espresso made fresh from the camping stove, granola king for breakfast, and a long drive back home, with a necessary stop at the local fruit stands to load up wes with goodness.

Can life get any better than this?!  Before I’d say probably not, but life continues to surprise me.  Life is good!  Keep on keepin’ on!!!
Smile with your heart!

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  1. awesome….. Just awesome !!!!!!
    Love it….

  2. That is an incredible, fantastic, glorious adventure you had! I’m sure it is one of many more to come!!!! Thank you for sharing and inspiring, as always!! You really live life to it’s fullest!! SWEEEEEETTT!!!

  3. I have been going through a rough patch in life lately where i have no one to do anything with. And your words pick me up each morning to look at the bright side of things and i just wanted to thank you for that.

    • Wow, thanks Ash! I’m glad that I’m able to help just a bit. I’m excited for you when your rough patch is clearing!!! This life is a rollercoaster, that’s for sure. :)

  4. You rock! Can I ask what camera you use? Your photos are always so stunning. And how do you get your photo edges blurred like that? LOVE IT.

    • Sure thing! It’s a Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS Digital Elph. The fuzzy setting is called “miniature effect”. I probably use it too much! I love this camera! Have had it for about 9 months now and have never had a complaint. Many people who I get to take my picture ask me about it after using it, because they like it so much too! It’s worth it!

  5. beautiful photos jen! i luv the guitar AND the yoga on the water! WOW! looks like ur having an amazing time AND THIS MAKES ME HAPPY! LUV U BELLISIMA! xo!

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