Day 24 – The wake doesn’t move the boat

Another new addiction.  Another new adventure toy to add to the list (eventually), on top of the lessons on how to use it (VERY necessary) – sailing.  I can’t believe I’ve never learned how to sail a boat before.  I grew up going on sailing trips with my dad, but never actually learned.  Although, I did make sure to learn how to get a great sun tan while drinking an ice cold beer, no doubt about that.  But actually sailing the thing?  Not really.

Yesterday, Clorinda, her friend Jasmine and I had a sailing lesson out in Port Moody with a Groupon we bought a few weeks back.  There wasn’t much wind, but maybe that was ideal as it helped us figure it out pretty easily.  And we didn’t fall in – pheww! There was even a point we crossed which had over a hundred seals, just chillin’.  The smiles were out.  What an awesome feeling to just point the boat in any direction and let the wind take you there.  I felt the zen-ness of Stand Up Paddle Boarding, the excitement of windsurfing and the calmness & serenity of kayaking.  Add yoga to the mix, and I’d be set!

At some points, the wind was so calm that we couldn’t really tell if we were moving or not (we are beginners here folks, don’t laugh).  The only way to tell really was to either look at the seaweed in the water, or the wake at the back of the boat.  Sometimes I’d be shocked looking back at how fast we were actually moving.  Made me think a little bit about my life.  Often times, it feels like we’re not getting anywhere.  Like we’re at a standstill, just waiting for things to get better – for the wind to pick up.  We can be doing all of the right things, ready at any given moment, but the timing just isn’t lining up.  Or, so it seems.

It’s not until we look back, do we really see how far we have actually come.  How much progress we are actually making.  We are so much in the present moment, that it seems like life is standing still.  All this hard work for what?  BUT, beneath the surface, we are always moving forward.  We are always, always learning.  The important thing is to focus on the moment and to aim FORWARD.  To not worry about what’s behind us.  The wake doesn’t actually move the boat.  The wind does.  And we can’t always control the wind.  Actually, it’s pretty impossible.  What we can do; however, is put ourselves in situations where the wind is in our favor.  We can gain the right knowledge, fill the boat with the right people, put ourselves in a prime surrounding and prepare for what’s to come.  We can enjoy the moment, right now.  If you’re doing all of these things, life is bound to work in your direction – eventually.  Just keep on trucking and don’t give up.

Too often we allow the wake of the boat to move us forward.  We rely on the past to make our decisions.  We hold on to things that aren’t serving us, because that’s the way it’s always been.  “I’ve been hurt in the past, so I’m not going to trust you” or, “that person left me, so I’m always going to be alone” or “things never work out for me so I’m not going to bother anymore”.  $h!t happens.  It’s bound to.  No matter what.  You can either dwell on it and let it lead your life, OR you can learn from it and move forward. Whatever you do, don’t let it determine where you want to go.  Don’t let it stop you from listening to your heart.

There’s a difference between learning from our past, and letting it guide us.  Look back every so often, to see how far you’ve come and to learn from your experiences, but then keep looking forward.  That’s where all of the possibility is – RIGHT NOW.  In this moment.  So put yourself in a creative one at that, and start creating.

I’m working on creating my ideal uniform in my ideal office – looks like I’m not doing too bad at that!  And not letting anyone tell me it can’t be done!  CREATING THE DREAM!!!!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. JT!! my goodness, there is so much beauty in this post, for so many reason. I keep recalling watching the algae passing by and not realizing we were moving till I looked behind us at our little wake. You nailed it, you said it perfectly, sometimes we really doing realize how far we have come till we look back. This blog really resignation with me today, I needed to read this. Thank you! :) Keep on keeping on ladybug.

  2. I mean resonated with me!! lol not resignation.. dang spell checker.. hmmm resignation.. not a bad idea ;)

  3. I love this post, you’re just a ball of sunshine lately :) I also love the comments though cause…I submitted my resignation 3 days ago!!! No more cubicle and red tape for me, its back to school to become an RD woot woot! So nervous, so excilerated, so ready. Thanks for the inspiration :)

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