Day 23 – Intimidated much?!

THIS is what happens when you are dating a 6’7″ Search & Rescue Mountaineering man:

Yes, that’s right.  We climbed to the top of that thing.  I know.  Crazy right?  Easy-ish hikes have flown out the window.  Instead of my favourite comfortable rolling West Coast hikes, we climbed, or rather “scrambled” to the top of this monstrous piece of rock.  Grimface Mountain in Cathedral Provincial Park to be exact. Scrambling?  There is such a thing as this? My bruised up legs with numerous scratches everywhere are proof that yes, there is such a thing as scrambling.  Not as easy as hiking, not quite tricky enough to be harnessed in for climbing, but somewhere (with a whole lot of difficulty – and FUN!) in between.  Yes folks, I have up’d the scariest thing I’ve ever done.  Scrambling up Grimface. Who knew there was even such a thing?

(See the mini-person at the top??!  That was soon to be us!)

Intimidated is an understatement.  My first layer of intimidation was hiking with a bunch of guys – I can’t really say I’ve done much of this – being the only chica that is.  Realizing I would be hiking and camping with a bunch of guys and then scrambling to get to the top of a mountain?  Intimidating.  With some shaking, some panic, some “sorry I’m so slow!”, and some definite laughing at myself – I did it.  And now, funnily enough, the adventure list has up’d its game.  SO MANY more hikes, so many more adventures.  Why have I always stopped at the bottom of the Black Tusk (my FAVOURITE hike), and not climbed to the very top?  Fear, primarily, and not knowing HOW.  But now, I’m in luck. :)  Watch out adventure list – you are about to get a whole lot more challenging!

Even though these things intimidated me, I’m so glad I tried them.  How lame would it have been if I had bailed out on the idea just because I was scared.  And who cares if I looked like a wimp for a whole lot of it (having to get carried for part of it – not lying).  At least I tried.  Look how much I’ve gained now from trying something (very far) out of my comfort zone. So far that I had to shake a little.  But now, a new level of excitement has risen.  Who knew.  My adventure book collection is in need of some new friends.  So many more possibilities!

Intimidated about something?  An even BETTER reason to try it.  Throw your ego out the window, don’t worry what anyone else will think and just do it already.  You’ll be glad you did.

Another early morning tomorrow and another packed day. From adventure weekend to purple scrubs to rocking out in luon (= bliss!) – it’s going to be a fun one.  3 words.  Runner’s World Magazine.  Eeeeek! Tomorrow’s going to be a good day!  See you then!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I am moving to BC! It is so gorgeous there.
    What a great adventure you are on, Jenn. This “intimidating” post came at a perfect time for me as i am feeling intimidated by some things!!!
    You are awesome! Keep having the time of your life!!! :)

  2. Such gorgeous pics! Is that a lululemon headband? I have the exact one I think but whenever I wear it it makes my ears look like they are so big sticking out!! Or it makes the underneath of my pony tail so jacked up. How does yours look so cute?!

    • Yes ma’am!! lululemon headband :) If I tuck it over my ears just a tad, it usually stays pretty good. That’s the trick! Plus the new ones with the silicone band on the inside help it stay even better :)

  3. Aaaamaazing, JT! *High Five* What was the moment where you knew you were moving beyond fear to accepting the challenge? It must have been terrifying making the trek back down!

    aaah I want to go on a mountain adventure when I move to BC! It’s definitely on The List. May 2012! Can’t waiiiit!

    • May 2012 can’t come soon enough!!! I think once I told myself I was going to do it – there came accepting the challenge. And visualizing myself at the top, instead of staying at the bottom by myself hahahah… so fun!! Stoked you’re coming to BC!!!!

  4. Oh how I love Scrambling! and I think I’m starting to have a love affair with Canada.Time for a vacation! What an amazing experience you had :)

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