Day 19 – A fantastic shift…

For so many reasons, a fantastic shift is happening in my life.  I’m starting to see things come to life, and really FEEL that anything is possible.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve believed with all my heart that anything is possible, and I say this all the time, BUT! to actually see it happening, after believing it for so long – wow.  First off: For one of the projects I was working on at lululemon, you’ll never guess.  We raised $15,000 for charity.  Ya.  I know.  I can’t believe it still.  It all started with an idea – just ONE.  Then with a lot of hard work and people working and communicating together, it actually happened.  Here’s a picture of Michelle, Elizabeth and I at Imagine1Day with our $13,000 cheque.  Passing that over was one of the most exhilarating feelings.  I want so much to continue to be involved with this organization.  Nursing?  Ethiopia?  lululemon?  Count me in folks.  I’ll keep you posted with exactly what the money is being used for, but definitely helping a whole bunch of happy kids getting an education in Ethiopia – that’s for sure.

The other $2000?  I had goosebumps when I found out we decided to donate this to BC Children’s Hospital.  My heart is truthfully smiling as I’m writing this.  I can’t believe we actually made this happen.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!  It all starts with an idea, some creativity, hard work, a passionate, giving heart and great people.  Not sure where you will find all of these?  Just start.  Plant the seed, and then watch it grow.

Another amazing shift happened today.  The one and only Matt Corker – kind of a big deal & Steph’s bro (can their family get any better?!) – met with me today to discuss goals.  Sometimes all you need is one person to light the fire that’s already inside of you.  Thank you Matt for this.  I got so much out of only 30 minutes with his awesomeness.  That’s all it took to help me see that yes, life is easy.  And it should be. That thing that seems so hard and almost impossible to create? So easy. With what I want to do with my life?  Easy.  Simple.  Just start.  That’s the key.  Just start.  If it’s not easy, something’s in the way – and it’s usually always something inside of us that’s blocking it.  Getting out of your own way.  Creating a clear canvas to paint your heart out.  All it takes is a little reflection, some clearing, authenticity with ourselves and once again – a passion so great that it would be impossible to let anyone stop you.  Such great things are in store.  I am so grateful to be surrounded by such awe-inspiring people each and every day.  Thank you.  Get ready for some fun things ahead.  This is gonna be good!

Speaking of good, or great I should say, another adventure awaits this weekend!  To where?  I don’t know yet – it’s even a surprise for me!  :)  I’ll be back Monday, as it’s a long weekend here in BC (hence the Friday blog).  PLUS!  Dr. Nat has posted today! – get used to receiving her posts every weekend.  She is hands down the smartest person I know – so keep asking questions!  Thanks for all of the emails and questions so far.  This is another reason why it’s gonna be good!

Thanks for always checking in, and inspiring me to continue on.  This is such a rad journey that just keeps getting better and better.  Have a great weekend!

Love JT :)

Smile with your heart!

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  1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH JEN! this inspires me to help out the world, raise money for people who need it, and let the universe help us help others! xoxo! a big hug from a month of incredible adventures! lots uv luv! ( just got back from feldenkrais teacher training and a beautiful heart moving trip in morocco… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!) miss u! baci~

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