Day 18 – A Natural High…

No, I’m not talking about the very famous BC natural high here.  I’m talking sweating.  Addicted to sweating. I never thought of it this way until Steph said it out loud (when we were making our 365 list of AWESOME together – soon to be posted!).  There’s really not that much that’s better than a natural high.  Not much.

I was pooped after a long day.  Had to turn down a super long bikeride to sit on my butt once I got home. One of those days!  At 5:07, I headed out the door. The sun was out, the weather was warm, the sunnies were on everywhere I looked, and the playlist was picked. Then, the strides began.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  A natural high.  Run, abs, yoga and a meditation.  My favourite song came on (Into the Mystic – Van Morrison) and I had to sit there and smile.  I sat there in my zen yoga pose, smiling to the words whispering in my ear, while people walked and rushed on by.  Haven’t ever really done that before, and I now fully recommend it.  It’s amazing how much life gets better when you don’t care what people think.  The world just passes on by as you smile to the sound of your own heart beat.  Wow.  6:07, I’m back at home.  That’s all it took.  60 minutes.

Unlike the BC natural high, this type of endorphin pumper is free.  All you need is a pair of runners.  Not even really, if you’re into this new-age bare foot running thing – haven’t dared try it yet, but I’m sure I will – you’re good to go.  Our bodies were made to produce our very own high.  We weren’t designed to have to reach elsewhere to feel good.  It’s all inside of us.  Every inch of it. There are so many of these natural high inducers in our lives, but we often forget.  The best ones are free most of the time.  Bonus. Get out there.  Use your body for what it was meant for.  To feel good.  We walk around in a vessel that pumps out feel-good endorphins if we let it.  How cool is that?!  Make the most of it!

Your very own natural high is waiting for you.  It’s there already, just waiting to be released.  I can’t tell you how great I feel after that one hour of sweat and Vitamin D. If you can set your alarm clock one hour earlier tomorrow, DO IT.  Put your runners and sweat gear beside your bed, maybe even make a pre-made smoothie to smash back before hitting the pavement, and tell yourself that you are going to do it.  Because you will.  Your body is asking you for it.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. So true! I have had a tough week at work this week stress wise. But i kept up with my workouts and that 45 min to an hr sweat session every day made it more bearable. My best sweat sesh all week was yesterday at lunch. I live about 8 min from work so i had to go home to let the pup out. I let her out and then worked my ass off for 45 min and sweat buckets then back to work! I felt like i was on a high yesterday afternoon and stress mostly gone. I struggle with anxiety so anxiety and stress can be a BAD combo…still not feeling 100% from all the work pressures this week. But i’m getting there! Slowly but surely! And it’s the weekend AND 2 of my best gf’s from university are in town this weekend. So that’ll reset me back to normal. I am going to sweat it out today at lunch too…45 min of hot yoga 3 min walk from work DT. Meeting the fiance there too…there’s my bliss yoga with my man:) Love that he loves it as much as i do!

    • So glad you kept up your workouts, even with friends in town – good for you, that is tough! And the yoga bliss…ahhhhhh! I’ve been missing it lately! Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. I can totally relate. Running is my zen! I just started practicing yoga and am now addicted to both! There is no better relief than a good sweaty run! I am slowly transitioning to minimalist running. Still haven’t done so outdoors yet but have changed my running form along with changing to minimalist shoes. I hope to get some Vibram FiveFingers soon.

    But, there is nothing like that natural high which is truly a wonderful healthy addiction! :)

  3. Today I soaked up some sun and blue sky, listened to my favorite Van Morrison song ( Listen to the Lion) and thought of how lucky I am to have met you. Thanks for the inspiration.

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