Day 17 – Make it personal…

I love to give.  I’d rather give gifts than receive them.  Birthday’s?  Christmas?  I love being Santa Claus!  This, however, can be a downfall and is something I’m working on – learning to be able to receive without feeling like I have to give back.  Receiving, and that’s all.  Why can this sometimes be so hard to do?  Sometimes the best gift to give back is accepting & receiving.  Take a compliment for example.  How much does it bug you when you tell someone they look great and they reply: “Nooooo.. I look horrible!  How could you think that I look nice?”  Lame!  What a way to reject the gift you so kindly gave. The simple gift of a compliment.  Why not just a simple answer of: “Thank you!“.  Done. So much better right?  Receiving.  So simple, but so hard to do sometimes!

The other day I was looking for some recipes to make on a camping trip we’re going on this weekend.  I found a book my mom gave me a few years back, ‘The Well-Fed Backpacker’ (my mom knows me well, and also knows that I need to get better at backcountry cooking!)  After looking through it, feeling a bit inspired to create more than just KD & turkey sausages, I took a glance at the front of the book.  Here’s what gave me a big grin:

It probably only took about 3 minutes to write this note, but it meant so much.  Even 3 years later.  Imagine 20 years down the road when I pick up this book.  Imagine the grin then.

3 minutes is sometimes all it takes to make something a little bit more personal.  It’s easy to buy something to give.  But making it personal?  That takes a little more thought. THAT’S where the love comes in.  Make it personal.  Give more, and give a little bit of yourself – your creativity – with every gift.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Beutiful note from your mom.
    I use to dry apples, muschrooms and tacco meat. And if you bring kids you take a orange, take of the top. Eat up the inside and then you have a cake mix that you fill the orange with. Put on the topp and place it in the fire. Tada and you have a orangecake.

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