Day 15 – A lulu list of awesomeness

A few reasons why lululemon might just be the best company in the world to work for:  Popcorn at reception. Yoga and circuit training classes throughout the day. Personal development book clubs.  Friends who are stoked to start even more book clubs together (Josie + The Artists Way!).  Goal setting sessions.  Sweat dates.  Weekly cycling group rides.  Happy blissed-out peeps.  Co-workers who challenge you to be your greatest (even if sometimes what you say out loud might not be easy).  Awesome events (next one for me… GranFondo Whistler! – this time I will train harder, I promise!).  Best friends to do roadies and adventure list making with.  Yoga all over the city.  Yoga on the beach with rockstar ambassadors.  Cheer teams at races.  Hard work with big goals in mind. Community everything.  This list could keep on going forever…  But the latest?  A Summer Barbeque put on by the Fun Club.  Done.  Wow.  Including a team of videographers (Appleton and myself) interviewing lulu’s why they love living in Vancouver – video to come in the near future!

With all of these great things I can’t forget to add what makes them all a little bit better – the always awesome clothes and of course the great people to enjoy it all with.  Every adventure of mine seems to always be accompanied by a bag full of luon (even including my favourite pair of pants which are probably now 8 years old).   Quality, ya think?!  Definitely living the dream in luon.  Life is good!

Any chance you can start bringing in any of this blissed out fun & adventure into your workplace?  You never know.  All it might take is asking a simple question and getting a few people stoked to make it happen. :)  

Smile with your heart!

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  1. I live in Vancouver and work for lululemon athletica by September 2012. Boom.

  2. I have always wanted to work for Lululemon! The more I learn about the company the more I love it (and sadly dislike the company I am working for). One of my goals is to work for Lululemon (I am a Merchandiser/Retail Manager) and the other to develop my Birth Doula skills/build my client list! This year has been FULL of changes and I love it! I moved from Whistler to Vancouver alone to learn as much as I can about midwifery/doula care and find a merchandising career with better life balance. Thank you SO much for your daily dose of inspiration! I look forward to your posts every day and miss them on the weekends!

  3. Love this. More workplaces need to be fun like this and put more emphasis on work/life balance! I can’t wait until we get a full fledged Lulu! We have a hot yoga studio that sells a lot of it it’s like half a lulu store..ha ha…so one day we’ll get one. We had one a few years back at Christmas time. I would love to work for Lulu too:)

  4. I have wanted to work at Lululemon since 2006 but have such a hard time with group interviews; especially theirs! :( I suppose I should probably just keep trying to increase my chances of success, eh?

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