Day 8 – Take the chance

“Be sure to cast the dice”.  Take a chance on life.  To have your dream life?  You can’t wait for things to happen.  Grab onto it.  Grab onto what you want.  Go after what makes your heart flutter.  Make it happen.  You only get one shot.  You might as well give it your all, right? Go after it.  You never know, you might just surprise yourself.

Smile with your heart :)

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  1. Hey Jen,
    Nice to see you on my ride through kits this morning – I love the feeling of seeing a friendly face at the last minute and calling out the first thing that comes to mind! I channelled your excitement from the GranFondo this weekend and charged all the way up to UBC. Thanks for the boost! Have a great day,
    PS those Lulu Team Kits were AMAZING…A new personal goal is to win enough races/triathlons that someone will grant me the joy of owning that spandex outfit. mmmm…never to much lulu+spandex.

  2. Anthony!! Thanks for writing!!! Didn’t recognize you.. you were going too fast! That made my day though!!!! this is true.. never too much lulu!!!! Hope you’re doing awesome!!!

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