Day 4 – K-town Roadie!

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging I guess you could say.  And life has been really really good :) :).  I’ve been busy lately with not as much time to write, BUT!  The one and only Steph Corker Irwin and I are heading out on a roadie tomorrow to K-town along with the lulu crew to ride in Kelowna’s GranFondo this coming Saturday (and to check out some of the wineries OF COURSE! – a pit stop must along the way, after the race of course).  115km of rolling hills in wine country!!!  Maybe I should have trained a little bit more??  At least I’ll be good to go post-race!  Stoked!

Smile with your heart!!!!

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  1. You’ll still kick butt and have a blast!!! Good luck:) PS is it too late to start the 40 challenge with you?? I’ll just start where you are today…day 5? Does that still work? Or should today be day 1 for me?

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