Day 2 – If it scares you, go after it

If something scares you, it’s an even better reason to try it.  Often it’s the things that scare us most that are actually the best things for us.  That queezy feeling of fear, the unknown, or thinking we’re not good enough – use that as your fuel.  As your motivation to go after it.  And if you don’t like what you’ve gone after, at least you followed that feeling.  You trusted yourself and went after it.  You went out of your comfort zone, allowing yourself to become better, to grow, to gain more.

Prior to entering into Nursing, I shared the fear of needles that so many of us face.  Imagining myself starting an IV?  Not a chance.  Getting poked, not cool! Poking someone else, even worse!  Even after finishing the whole program and rocking so many other skills, I was still intimidated by IV’s.  For some reason, we’re not taught this skill until we are employed.  So I’ve been scared all along.  Well, I got to try my first few IV’s this past week, even having my first IV poked into me (surprisingly not that bad!). You’ll never believe it but I actually loved doing them.  I know what all of the needle cringing people are thinking – GROSSE!!  But oddly enough, it’s a weird feeling of satisfaction.  Of being able to help someone.  Of accomplishing something.  Thanks to the amazing medics on this trip who trusted me to poke them, and who helped me along throughout the process. Who does that?!  Once again, I can’t stress enough how great the people were that I met. Thanks guys :)

Do what scares you the most!  It’s only when we go after it and try it that we know whether or not it’s for us.  If anything you’ll have some new experiences to share and a few more stories to tell.  My next scary challenge – being that zenned out yoga teacher at the front of the class.  Hopefully by then I might actually become somewhat flexible!

Do what you love, and go after what scares you most.  It’s not as easy as it sounds, but once you try it you’ll shock yourself at how much you can actually accomplish.  You’ll gain that exciting attitude of, “What’s next!?”.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Thought you would enjoy this blog post …. :)

  2. You started nursing school being afraid of needles?! You crack me up. Good luck with the yoga teacher thing :)

  3. You were awesome with the iv’s and you will be an amazing nurse!

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