Day 40 – Laughter is the best medicine!

Whoever came up with the quote “laughter is the best medicine” was one sharp person. I got back tonight from a full week of volunteering at BC Bike Race.  I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so hard for so long in my entire life.  Sore abs on a regular basis. That nasty cold I’ve been trying to get rid of for the past few months – gone.  And this was with sleeping 4-6 hours a night in a tent, working all day, eating bike-man food and drinking too many beers.  Laughter is definitely the best medicine!

This past week was one of the most brilliant experiences I’ve ever had.  It’s actually been overwhelming being back at home tonight. The traffic, the busy-ness, the rushing of errands – I can’t say I missed that.  There’s something so healing about spending time in nature.  I was a happy camper being in my BC Bike Race bubble – I already miss it! Some of the people I met are now stuck in my life for good.  Family.  Amazing.  I felt inspired on a daily basis being around some of the most hard working, dedicated, successful, fun, adventurous, life-loving peeps. Contagious.  Even though my body feels like it’s been through a train wreck, my own life-loving tank is filled up and overflowing.  I want to write more about my week, but right now I’m just trying to switch back into reality.  It was such a wonderful experience, it just needs to settle in.  I’ll post some more pics and write more about it throughout the week.

It’s amazing how much you get when you give.  I gave my time this past week, and what I got back in return is priceless.  No one will ever be able to take that away.  I’m genuinely smiling with my heart, I can tell you that!  I’ve already marked down the dates on my calendar for next year, and I’m already looking forward to it. :)

Smile with your heart!

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  1. It’sounds great!!!! The bike race is fantastic!
    Smiles from Sweden

  2. Wooooow! Sounds fantastically magical! I love meeting awesome people!
    Smiles from Nelson :)

  3. How long have you been practicing yoga? What kind do you practice? What are the different yoga teacher training options you are considering?
    I am curious about yoga teacher training as well and am curious about your journey with it.

    • Hi Angie!! I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 3 years now. I am addicted!!! I was always intimidated by it, since I’m not flexible (still not!) but I found it to be so healing. It has changed every aspect of my life. My favourite type to practice is Vinyasa, but I also like Hatha and Yin (which I need to do more of!). I’m not too sure about teacher training yet, but I”ll let you know when I figure it out!!! I’m thinking Semperviva, which starts in September :)

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