Day 31 – Happy CANADA Day!!

I’m so proud to be Canadian!!!  Happy Canada Day!!!  I know I missed yesterday’s blog – my bad.  I’ve been a bit too hard on myself lately, and needed a night without the computer.  The other day I was asked to list all of my weaknesses out loud.  No problem.  I have tons.  I think it’s important to share our weaknesses.  It makes us accountable to ourselves, and sometimes it gives us a kick in the butt to finally do something about it!  But there were a few that really struck me, and they seemed to form a grey cloud above me which I ended up taking with me everywhere I went. Saying things about yourself that you don’t necessarily like, or want to admit, are hard.  And why, as humans, do we automatically focus on the “what could be better” instead of celebrating the greatness?  It’s important to recognize our weaknesses, but not dwell on them.  Rather, recognize them and realize that they are WORK. Something to work on.  Another challenge.  Another opportunity to grow.  So this is advice to myself too, who needs to not take things so seriously some times.  Who needs to not always dwell on what could be better, but to simply recognize it, make a declaration and do something about it.  Use my strengths, along with the strengths of the people around me to help this area in myself grow.  We all have things we can work on.  That’s what makes this journey so exciting and real.

It’s an uneventful Canada Day for me tonight as I’m up early tomorrow morning to volunteer at BC Bike Race!  7 nights in a tent, travelling all over BC, surrounded by amazing people – I couldn’t not be at the world’s largest cross country bike race!  500 riders from 22 countries are going to be riding for 7 days over a total of 350km, with a can’t-miss-it celebration in Whistler on Day 7.  It’s definitely going to be a fun week.  Not much sleep I’m sure, but I’m ready for it.  I volunteered back in 2008 with the massage team and had nothing but amazing things to say about it.  This year I’m with the medical team, along with one of my bestest Nat, the tour’s one and only Natropathic Doctor.  I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to write – so stay tuned.  We’re going to try and blog about the excitement along the way.

Happy Canada Day!

Smile with your heart!

Oh, and all you yogi’s out there will be proud of me – I tried the Nedi pot!  Thanks for all over your recommendations to try it to help me get better.  Yes, I’m still sick (what the heck!!  So frustrating!  Almost at the end of it though, thank goodness).  But this thing was actually pretty cool.  Not so scary after all.  It just feels like you’ve swallowed some salt water back.  No problem.  Hopefully it will kick this thing to the curb where it belongs!

And I almost forgot!! Congratulations to everyone who tried the Not-So-Dirty-Clean Eating Challenge!!  Or at least gave up sugar for 4 days, or at least were more conscious of what you were putting into your body during this time!!  I know that I have never felt so clean from the inside out.  I wish that I hadn’t gotten sick so that I could have truly felt the benefits, but maybe next time.  I have to admit, I started cheating here and there last week, but overall I stuck to it pretty well. It’s definitely helped me become aware that putting crap in my body makes me feel just like that – crap.  A reminder to try and eat this healthy at least 80-90% of the time.  I’m aiming for 90 :)

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  1. Best medical team ever!!!! Angela and Tristan are good friends of mine…small world. I hope you guys have an amazing time.

  2. Ahh, wicked!! Hope you’re having a blast getting your nurse on while traveling all over the coast! I would love to find some awesome nurse volunteer things to do like that!

    I was just looking at the “Not So Dirty Thirty.” I must try! Especially since I was just reading this weekend about quinoa (my favourite, favourite grain), and how it’s increase in popularity has been hurting the native countries it produced in… More incentive to eat clean and locally!

    • Hi Rachel! Yes, I definitely recommend finding some things you love doing and volunteering as a nurse – there’s so much! I’ve learned throughout this past week that the opportunities are endless. Thanks for writing!

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