Day 29 – Wrapped up in a bow

It’s crazy how busy days off can become.  They just seem to fill up so quickly and fly by all too fast.  I can’t believe the week is over half way through.  Time seems to go too fast some days.  Just another reminder to enjoy each day, to enjoy each present moment.  For it is exactly that – a present.  It’s easy to forget this as it’s not exactly wrapped up in a pretty bow for us to open every morning.  It often comes with a blaring alarm clock too early for your liking, a baby crying, or a to-do list staring at you as soon as you hop out of bed.  We have the choice to realize that these are all gifts.  It is a gift to simply wake up each morning and breathe.  That alarm clock is a reminder that you have somewhere to go.  Somewhere to bring your talents to life and make a difference.  Your baby crying is a reminder that you are loved.  That you created a miracle of life.  Your to-do list is a reminder that you are important to people.  That you matter.  They are all gifts!

Tomorrow when you wake up, enjoy your first breath and be grateful that you get another day.  Another present.  You can either choose to treat this gift as a precious, beautiful thing or you can take it for granted (I recommend the first choice personally!). The choice is yours.  Be grateful that you even have a choice in the first place. :)

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Jenn thanks for writing this short but such a great post!!!! I just woke up feeling sad because of some personal things… and went straight to your blog to see if you posted something. And it is quite a message, just what I needed!!! :) Loved it!! I am lucky to be alive, to breathe, to be able to smell roses, to hug trees and friends, to know what’s important in my life (although sometimes I need a reminder;)). I have the choice to feel miserable about my situation or to have a positive attitude. Everything happens for a reason, right? The time always shows that. But for now I’ll focus on the good in my NOW. Going out on the meaddows with my golden retriever girl <3 and show appreciation for all the little things that are here now. Take a deep breath of fresh air, drink some lemonade and spirulina and decide for my happiness.

    Thx for being such a sunshine, I'm so happy to know you, even though just through your blog ;) My day started brightley because of you. Thx so much Jenn, love *** maia

  2. How true is this! What a great way to look at and tackle each day. We are all busy but busy can be a good thing like you said:) But too busy can be bad too…we all need ample “you” time. My gift of “you” time to myself each day is my workouts! They make me feel alive and i love moving and pushing my body. I don’t push my body too hard though because i have learned it can scream for you to slow down. So i do a mixture of very intense and then less intense. My day “off” is every sunday and i venture up to the national park (an hr away) with my pup in tow and go for a nice long hike. I look forward to my Sunday in the woods every week and try to bring along a friend, or family member…sometimes alone too which is nice, but my fiance and Mom hate when i do this! Yah time with my thoughts in the woods! HEAVEN! My goal this summer/fall is to hike all the trails in Fundy (our national park) I have completed 5 out of the 24ish trails (just counted quickly from a map online). My goal is to get them all done by October…may end up being November…and if i get snowshoes then maybe next June…ha ha. My park pass is good until then:)

    I agree vacations go by too fast!!! The word weeks seem longer than vacation weeks. How does this even make sense? I have a few mini vacations (long weekends and extra long weekends) until my week in August!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. What a beautiful way to start my day Jenn. You are absolutely right, we all have the CHOICE to decide if the day is going to be awesome or miserable. We ALWAYS have the choice. Many people ask me here on the rig up north what I “take”, like happy pills or something. I just tell them that we all have the choice to make it a good day. They think I’m funny and weird (rednecks) :)
    I read an article yesterday that I love; “You may think facial expressions simply reflect your feelings, but to some extent they cause them as well. In fact, studies have shown that expressions may act like the volume on an MP3 player: Rev up your smile, rev up your feelings, turn down your smile, turn down your feelings.” So let’s rev up that smile and the rest will come on it’s own!
    Thanks for your awesomeness Jenn!!

  4. i love how you always know how to inspire and put the senses back when things are getting low… thanks as always Jenn!

  5. Thanks guys!!! :) and Katja, I love that – Rev up your smile. Done!! :)

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