Day 26 – Sh!t happens, so flush it.

Let’s face it.  If you’re not making a visit to the ladies room on a regular basis to empty out your internal plumbing, then something’s up.  Am I right?  It’s a part of life.  We are conscious of what we put into our bodies, trying to put in as much goodness as we can, but ultimately the not-so-needed left-overs make their way out – without any thinking on our part (how nice is that).  Whatever our body cannot use, whatever doesn’t serve us, we get rid of.  It’s as simple as that – no questions asked.  Flush.  Weeeeeeeee!  Done.

I wonder what would happen with our digestion tract if we consciously were able to choose what we wanted to keep in and what we wanted to let out.  I know I would probably fight to hold onto that peanut butter cheesecake because it tasted oh so good. And I could see myself letting a healthy apple sneak on by because it was too boring at that moment or less appealing than a tempting brownie that seemed much more fun.

Wouldn’t it be nice in life if we didn’t have to think about what was good for us and what wasn’t?  Wouldn’t it be nice if your body automatically got rid of those events or people that seem to drag you down, but you can’t seem to let go of?  That friendship you’ve outgrown, that job that you dislike at the pit of your stomach yet continue to show up everyday because you “should”, or the same not-working-for-you-relationship you seem to be attracted to over and over again just with a different name.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the things that didn’t serve us just automatically passed on through?

Unfortunately we all know that’s not the case.  BUT – we have the choice.  We have the choice to realize whether or not something is serving us by our feelings.  Same as that crappy feeling you have about 12 minutes into eating a McChicken meal (I have actually timed this before)– it’s your body saying, “whoah, whoah, whoah – this does not feel good!!”.  We have the conscious choice to press our very own ‘flush’ button whenever we want to leave certain things behind us and keep on moving forward.

It’s inevitable that you’re going to have to let go of certain thins in your life that just aren’t right for you anymore.  It’s a natural process.  This might even include holding onto momentary agitation and anger.   Whether it be the person who cuts you off on your morning commute, the parking ticket, the rainy weather on your vacation, the long line up when you’re in a rush, you name it.  It’s gonna happen.   And when it does, you can either keep those feelings/people/situations around, trying so hard to continually turn it into something great, or you can choose to press the flush button and let it pass on by.  Move forward.  Don’t let that waste stay with you – that waste of energy that is taking up space.  Space that could be filled with so many more nutritious things.  Things that our body and soul love.  So much more love and good energy.  So much is waiting to pour on in.

Make some room in your life for more good to come in.  When sh!t does happen (and it will), consciously press the “flush” button and let it go.  LET IT GO!  Don’t hold on. Holding onto anger and resentment from any situation can only do more harm.  If you’re at a point in your life right now with too many of these moments and you are continually practicing letting go, then you’re bound for something AMAZING coming your way.  Something’s bound to flood into all the room you’ve created for sticking to your guns and making more space.  Flush out everything you no longer need.  Everything that isn’t serving you or making you a better person.  If it makes you feel better before you say goodbye, do the look back one more time, then press that big button and MOVE ON ALREADY!

Smile with your heart!

Thank you PAUL a trainer at my kickboxing gym for making me laugh with this advice!  I was meant to go to the gym that morning – THANK YOU! :)

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  1. lol! hahah! i luv this jen! awsome!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for telling it exactly as it is, Jen! I laughed so much over this blog post, but at the same time, it really rang true for me (which is probably why I found it so funny). I’m currently going through a lot of sh!t at the moment; thank you for reminding me to flush. ;)

  3. What a great way of putting it…no room for crap in your life! Flush it out! I have been trying this more and more lately and not let the stupid little things get to me like i used to. We DO have a CHOICE! And i am choosing not to let the crap stay with me…no crap of any kind allowed in this body:)

  4. Hey Jen. I just love your blog so much your posts always seem to make so much sense in my life. Whenever I need a pick me up I read your blog! I had a friend who was struggling to flush some waste out of her life. Its funny how todays post is all about that? Or maybe not! I emailed her today’s blog and I am sure she will get a ton out of it. Thanks for being so awesome JT I love you! Thanks for making me smile with my heart :)
    Love Denise

  5. Perfect timing. I needed this reminder. I’ve been letting too many other people in my head and forgetting I know what is best for me. I like the way you put it though so I can laugh about it instead of get down on myself for not trusting myself. Going to do a lot of flushing today. ;)

  6. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I think you were my confirmation that the choice to let go was indeed a good one. I’m a foster mom who is actually sitting at a hospital with a bio-mom and grandmother who cannot yet seem to realize that we are all on the same team for the sake of the children. And though every bit of me wanted to cry at one point today, I kept saying, “let it go..” “allow her to be who she is, even if she isn’t allowing you….because that is who YOU are..” and the only person I am able to control…is myself. You are my cyber-friend. :) Thank you for your reminders, inspiration and confirmations of what producing positive daily can really do….

  7. hahaha.. glad you guys found this post helpful! I had a fun time writing it. Such a good reminder though to flush it all out!!! Thanks for all of your responses – you guys are awesome!! :)

  8. Hey Jen,
    Glad that piece of advice i recieved years ago helped!!! keep ur head up and roll with the punches and flush all the crap u dont need or want down the toilet and ALL GONE!!

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