Day 23 – It’s the little things that count

I was tired of feeling sick today, of having a not so fun time energy-wise lately.  I’ve nailed it down to some sort of sinus infection.  Not cool.  So anyways, you know how when you’re at the point I’m at, you just start to crave comfort?  Well that was me tonight.  I broke down and I splurged.  I went to my favourite funky veggie restaurant in Kits, The Naam, and ordered myself a mouth watering Naam Bowl – a huge bowl of steamed veggies, tofu, whole grain rice and a whole lot of miso gravy goodness on top.  My favourite.

The waiter was an especially nice guy.  After almost finishing all of that off I went over to the counter to check out the desserts.  I figured since I was already treating myself I might as well go the extra mile and fill myself with as much comfort food as I could.  My eyes widened as I glanced over all of the homemade pies.  Yep – decision made.  Dessert it would be.  I sat back down to wait for his opinion, but before you knew it he had brought his favourite Apple-Cranberry-Crumble over to my table, warm & ready to go.  The exact one I was going to ask his opinion on.  How did he know?!!  And best of all, he didn’t charge me for it.  He just wanted me to enjoy his favourite dessert of the whole place.  That meal was already special enough for me and he just topped it off. Smart guy because I’ll be back for more one day sooner than later that’s for sure.

It’s always the little things that count.  You never know how much something small might mean to someone.  It might just be the pick me up they’ve been needing or the spark to set them off in the right direction for the day.  You never know.  Look for those little things.  How can you help make someone’s day?!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. That is one of my favorite restaurants in Van too! Hope to go back for a visit sometime soon.

  2. wow… that’s so incredibly sweet of him! :)

  3. What a lovely way to complete a delicious meal:)

    I’ve actually heard of The Naam! A couple of my friends from Chilliwack (one used to live in Van) suggested we go there next time I visit! It looks like a really cute place there with all the vines outside & that Naam bowl looks so yummy! (Reminds me of my top fave veg restaurant in Toronto, Fresh!)

    I hope you feel better soon, JT! Sending out some healing vibes your way!

  4. Sounds like a great evening…hope you feel better soon!

  5. Nice thought, now to pay it forward . . . try a sinus rinse twice a day, then keep it up 3 or 4 times a week – you will love this and it is so yogi ! ! !

    • My Naturopath recommended this but I was too chicken to try it. Do one thing a day that scares you right?!! haha.. thanks for the advice! :)

      • Do it!!! You won’t regret it:) It freaked me out too…now i even have my fiance hooked on it when he gets sick! It’s even great for allergies…get’s all that crap out:) No room for crap in the body!

  6. Along with the sinus rinse idea Neti pot is AMAZING, you can get it at Walmart and most drugstores! It does help a ton with colds and allergies get’s all that crap outta there!

    Glad you gave in and had some great comfort food…everything in moderation and Naam looks like healthy and clean food to me! So it’s all good:) I have been fighting with my energy levels lately too and have been trying to listen to my body more even though it’s hard. I was supposed to do a speed workout Wednesday with my running crew and bailed since i was exhausted…normally i would feel sooo guilty for skipping a work out…but i have burned myself out before from training too hard and not listening to my body and when i over train i get so cranky because i am so tired! But i am learning to be easier on myself when my body us hurting:) Keep resting up! You will get better soon! I make a great sicky tea- fresh grated ginger, fresh squeezed lemon, cinnamon and a little honey…so good and helps a lot!

    • I’m glad you’re learning to be easier on yourself – I don’t know why it’s such a hard thing to do. I’m slowly getting better myself, and it feels WAY better :) Thanks for the tea advice! Sipping on one right now with fresh grated ginger and cinnamon. thank you!! :)

      • Ha ha i think a lot of us are just programmed to be hard on ourselves! It does feel a lot better doesn’t it! Ahhhh! YAH i’m glad you liked my sicky tea! PS the honey soothes and calms an irritated throat so if you are coughing a lot or have a sore throat that’s what that’s good for. Cinnamon and ginger act as decongestants and lemon gives your body some good vitamin C and boosts your immune system back up!!! I love natural remedies and don’t want antibitiocs anymore either…dr’s keep putting me on them when i don’t need them! GRRR…the last 2 colds i had they said i had throat infections which i did not b/c i got coughs after…i still have my cough from my cold 2 weeks ago!!! It was a BAD cold. I have asthma too so colds seem to stick around longer:( Oh well…it’ll leave eventuallllyyyy:) So glad you are feeling better!

  7. A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a picture with this quote on it:

    “The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.” – Henry Ward Beecher

    I thought you would love it! :-)

  8. Really nice thing he did. Maybe he had a crush? Anyway, I just wrote about this. Someone the other day asked, what to do if they were having a crummy day. I said, do something small for someone else. Buy a coffee, a heartfelt compliment, etc. Making someone else’s day, always makes yours better. I bet the waiter felt amazing himself after picking you up and he prob didn’t even know what he’d done for you.
    As for the sinus infection, finishing up a terrible one myself. Prob sick of ideas, but this really helped me. I didn’t want to do the drug (antibiotic) thing, so a lady showed me this: Euphorbium (nasal spray) and Sinus Comples by Nova. Both fully homeopathic and ok to take w/ any other medicines. I got it from a local health store like Whole Foods. Hope it helps.

    • Thanks Suzanne for the advice!! I too didn’t want to take any antibiotics – I think i’m almost at the end of it, but I love these ideas for the next time. I was taking Oil of Oregano a lot and drinking lots of water. Rest helped a ton :)

      So true thought about your crummy day idea – I love it. So simple, but we often forget when we’re so caught up in our own heads. And also, I like to remember that my crappy day might just be a great day in someone else’s lives. We are so fortuante :)

      • Yes, Oregano oil is great! I’ve been on the other stuff I mentioned for 4 days and my infection is gone. No more itchy eyes. Love your response about your crummy day may be someone else’s great day. So true, nice new way to think about it. Take care.

  9. that’s so nice! that sort of act of kindness is one you don’t want to forget =) my friend jenn showed me this video and i thought i’d share! you’re always giving so much inspiration, and you’re always taking so many pictures, and i’m sure you already find so many things to be grateful for but i loved this idea! check it out =)

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