Day 21 – It only takes one!

How many people does it take to make a difference?  The answer: ONE.  That’s it. It all starts with one.  One person.  One idea.  One passion.  One ripple effect.  Just one.

So this past weekend I volunteered with the medical team for the Ride to Conquer Cancer – a two day bikeride from Vancouver to Seattle.  In order to be able to ride, each rider needs to fundraise $2500.  If you don’t reach your target, you unfortunately can’t ride.  So that means that the thousands of people at the event EACH raised over $2500.  Crazy.  One guy even raised $127,000.  Insane.  All of the participants together raised a whopping 11.1 MILLION dollars for the BC Cancer Foundation.  11 MILLION!  All of this is going to make a difference – a BIG difference – in the lives of cancer patients across BC.

This is the 3rd year running of this ride.  A 30% increase of participants from last year. Where did it start?  With one idea.  One person who took on the big hairy and audacious goal of “Perhaps we can make a difference.  Perhaps”.  Did this person know that they would be the idea behind a weekend of 11 million dollars?  Maybe.  But it just goes to show that ONE IDEA is all it takes.  I’m sure 11 million dollars seemed un-dreamable at first.  But it happened.  And only bigger things are to come.  Guess who’s going to be fundraising for the ride next year?  You bet – yours truly.

If ever you are thinking to yourself, “I can’t make a difference.  Who am I?” STOP!  And realize that YOU are the creator of your wildest dreams.  You are your own magic wand.  You are the idea that starts the life changing ripple effect.  That’s right – YOU. Every person who ever came up with any big and crazy idea was that same “you”. That same everyday person.  We are all of the same importance – so why would you think that you couldn’t do it?  Of course you can!  ONE IDEA plus a heart full of passion is all you need to get the ball rolling.  Believe you can make a difference.  And then start.  Take the first small step.  Things will start to come into your life to help spread the ripple effect.  It only takes one!

Smile with your heart!

Happy Summer Solstice!  The longest day of the year, AND a powerful day to set some intentions.  Maybe take a moment tonight to become quiet.  Sit and be grateful.  Then set your intentions out to whomever/whatever you believe in.  Then all you have to do is believe, follow your heart and watch it all unfold.  :)

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  1. how did you raise the money? We have some races with significantly smaller amounts and we seem to have trouble meeting the goals. Any tips for people trying to do the same?

    • This is kind of a silly one but I’ve seen where people use their office to raise money. If you work in a place that is buisness attire only, you can talk to the boss and ask if you could do “casual fridays” and anyone that donates 5$ to your cause gets to wear jeans or other casual clothes. Would work great if you worked in a big company!

      • Thanks for this idea Caitie!! I’ll have to start coming up with some creative fundraising ideas myself – so this helps! I didn’t actually raise any money for this event, as I was a volunteer, but I’m sure there were tons of creative ways out there. If anyone has any, please feel free to share!

  2. Great pictures. We watched the summer solstice sunset at Kits beach and just enjoyed the beauty of the city.

  3. Amazing how much money was raised! I love this. That’s exciting that you will be participating next year. Crazy how much they have come to raise at the event in 3 years it’s still so young. I just participated in the 3rd year of the Three Mountain Relay, which like this event started with an idea of wanting to make a difference and have a fun event to bring together runners and walkers from all over the Moncton area. We keep raising more and more money every year (This year we raised $15,000) and it all goes to the Moncton chapter of Canadian Mental Health:) . It is so inspiring following around your team members and cheering along the relay for them (i lost my voice oops) and everyone really. You drive by them as they are running yelling that they can do it. The event is also unique in the sense that you can’t have any ipods, music, garmins or ANYTHING that would help you figure out your pace. You just have to go with it and listen to your body and just be with your thoughts while you run. Each leg is between 8ish and 11ish km and you have to do it between 50 and 60 min to get points for your team. I say ish b/c often you leg is almost a km more than they say it is. My leg was 10.4ish but was actually 11km. After we have a huge potluck and there is free kegs donated…sadly i am newly gluten free (discovered i am gluten intolerant 2 months ago) but my friends enjoyed the beer for me:)

    I am glad you are back and feeling better:) I am still trying to catch up on all the blogs you have written (i’m on March 2011 now yah) so i was feeling mega inspired. Thanks again and keep up the great work! Have a GREAT day today:)

    • Thanks Amy!!! That sounds like a super fun event!! $15,000!! That is amazing! It’s crazy what you can do when you put your mind to it. Definitely inspiring. And thanks for the well wishes AND for reading so far back! You are awesome!!

  4. Love this blog today! FB’d it and Tweet’d it!

  5. if you ever need a dj for a fundraiser… i am at your disposal. I specialize in “Mitch-apoolaza” type parties. Snoop A Loop!!! Pro Bono of course!

  6. Beautiful words of inspiration, truly embodying Ghandi’s phrase of “Be the change you want to see in the world”. The first step is to have the intention, to TRY. What a great event to be involved with!

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