Day 20 – Once again…

Once again, not up to snuff enough to write.  Man this thing has got me good.  I’m just gonna keep sleeping it off.  This is beginning to get frustrating – urghhh!!!  See you tomorrow :)

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  1. Hey there Jenn : )

    I am sure you’ll be feeling better soon! You are such a lovelight inspiration for so many and it takes a lot of energy to be you. As someone who gets frustrated when my body is asking for a break too, I so understand how “arghhh! urghhh!” you might be feeling. And in the interest of you feeling better as soon as possible I thought I might share what I do when I am feeling low energy or just plain yuckola. I have several go tos. From the hydration perspective I drink as much lemon water as possible, sometimes I add ginger to it. And I juice veggies and make green smoothies, which I know you already do. From the inner healing perspective I try to see what it is that I may be holding onto that is making itself known in the form of fatigue, a cold, etc…For me this is often the beginning of really kicking the cold–it’s all about letting go. We all have stuff we’re holding onto in some way. From your posts over the past few weeks it sounds like there is a lot of shift and change for you right now. Even if those shifts are fabulous and you are really excited about them(and I am SURE that they are AWESOME!!!! It is your life–and you are a master at creating AWESOMENESS : ), it is probably still a little bit scary in some way. There are so many times in my life that I am so focused on the opportunities, the possibilities and the newness of them, the building of whatever it is that I am working on in that moment that I forget that I might be a little bit afraid of the changes happening…and for me I have learned that it’s important to acknowledge that which is changing, be grateful for what has been, lovingly release it and welcome the new that is coming. It might sound like a lot to consider for a little cold, but once I take a moment to reflect and be quiet with it(and sometimes it is literally one moment and then it’s done–pretty cool), I feel lighter and my body feels better.

    From one lifelover to another, Jenn.

    Smiling with my heart, Sarah Fina

    • Sarah. You wrote exactly what I was feeling. This was a big hug to me last night when I read this – THANK YOU. I totally believe that this is something emotional – I can feel it! It’s so strange! You are so right about the scary changes – I definitely am scared of what lies ahead, which definitely adds stress! So thank you for helping me to see this. THANK YOU. I loved this :)

  2. hi jenn! hope you feel better soon! same thing happened to me – had this head cold that i just couldn’t kick – avoided going to the dr. – finally i went and it is a nasty sinus infection. YUCK. anyway, hang in there, you’ll be back at it soon! take care, jenny :)

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