Day 19 – Exhausted…

Just got back from the weekend, and I’m done.  Long days in the rain and not much sleep has not helped my on-again-off-again nasty cold that won’t seem to leave me alone.  So I’m just showing up tonight wishing my dad a HAPPY FATHER’s DAY!!!  I love you!!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Awww rest up and get better soon! I just had a nasty cold last week and still am still nasally congested and i have a NASTY cough but feel fine. I think the congestion will linger on for a bit. No fun! Check out my blog: it’s really becoming influenced by you and how you write and i mention you in a post from last week:) I am not a blogger every day but aiming for once a week now! Thanks for inspiring me to write more and take more pictures of all the beautiful things around me.

  2. I love your blog – LOVE IT!!! I’m so stoked for you – for everything! AND you created a vision board! Life changing!!!! Thanks for letting me know I’ve inspired you. Thank you :) And thanks for reading and spreading the love!!!

    • Awww thank you! That means so much! I saw you comment on my blog too!!! I appreciated it. I love my vision board i still have one more picture to print though and put on it…one of my boxer smelling a tulip. I love it because it reminds me to slow down, enjoy life and smell the roses (or tulips in this case). I went to my first Yin class last night that was life changing too…AMAZING…i even got my fiance to come:) And he also loved it. Lise, the yogi teaching, said at the end how we all were twitching during savasana as she said that’s another way of your energy being released in a sense (she worded it better than that but i was on a yoga high and not all there, she was really excited about it though) she also mentioned it was very normal to cry after a yin class too…which made me think of what you said about crying before…

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