Day 17 – When you think you don’t have enough to give, START GIVING

Tonight I went to give blood.  Unfortunately, my iron levels weren’t up to snuff so I actually ‘failed’ the test!  Who knew you could fail at giving blood?!  HA!  Apparently this week’s nervousness and rough-sleepless nights have crept up with me, along with the extra coffee’s instead of hydration. Oops!  I’ll fill you in on my big decisions once I make them, but life for me right now is either going one way or the other.  Exciting but nerve racking at the same time!  Trying my best to POP my comfy cushion!

If you haven’t ever donated blood before, just call already and make an appointment.  My first time was a few months ago and I found it to be an incredibly feel good experience, and not at all painful.  Read this post to perhaps start twisting your rubber arm!  I have to wait another 56 days now – catch up on some sleep, drink more water, eat more iron-rich foods and then I’ll be back.

When you think you don’t have enough to give, that’s the best time to start giving.  We really do have so much to give.  So much of it is free: time, love, energy, blood, smiles, empathy, a listening ear, and the list can go on and on.  Often we think we have to give financially in order to help, but that definitely is not the case.  In my opinion, time is one of the greatest gifts you can give.  That’s why I’m staying home tonight and going to bed early: to wake up at 3:30am to volunteer this weekend at the Ride to Conquer Cancer bike ride.  I can’t wait to write about it.  I have a feeling this weekend is going to be life changing.

This weekend is another first for me!  Smile with your heart is donating our very first gift: a 50$ lululemon giftcard for an amazing cause.  A friend of mine, Pete, has been riding his bike for the the past 6 months with his sister from India to Ireland.  I know. Crazy.  You can check out his stories from along the way here.  They have been raising money for Room to Read, which is a charity seeking to transform the lives of millions of children in developing countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. They are hosting an online auction until June 24th with tons of cool stuff including: an apple iPad, yoga & pilate sessions and Icebreaker clothing to name a few.  If you’re interested in helping out, and possibly winning any of these prizes (including the lululemon gift card!) then check out the auction site here!

When you don’t think you have enough to give, that’s when you gotta start giving more. This message from the Secret popped up on my screen the other day, which helped inspire this post:

“If you are thinking, “I don’t have enough money to give,” bingo!  Now you know why you don’t have enough money!  When you think you don’t have enough to give, start giving.  As you demonstrate faith in giving, the law of attraction must give you more to give”.

Cool eh?!  Just a simple reminder not to worry.  Give as much as you can.  And the best part about giving, is that it FEELS GOOD.  A stranger told me this today.  He said, “When you’re feeling down, the best way to pick yourself back up is to give”.  Bravo.

AND!  Did you know that simply witnessing a kind act actually increases our feel good hormones: endorphins & serotonin? Imagine what happens to these levels when you actually perform the good deed yourself.  Just something to think about :) Have a great weekend!  I’ll be back Sunday night with some inspiring and touching stories I’m sure.

Smile with your heart!

Oh!  And check out this new Turkey Burger recipe I made tonight – one of my favourites so far.  See you Sunday!

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  1. That’s funny you should say that about being rejected for donating blood–that’s happened to me 3 times! I’m vegetarian so my iron levels are usually pretty low–so I supplement with iron or drink some wheat grass, since most iron is from meat it’s hard for me to come by but wheat grass actually has a lot! I’m O- so I’ve always wanted to donate, just gotta get my iron up! Love what you guys did for Vancouver by the way–I love the Canucks, and I was SO sad to see that a few people trashed the city–I love the city, and they have such a wonderful team. Always heart warming to see people “pick up the trash” =)

  2. I’ve been donating blood for years. Whole blood, as well as platelets (which can be donated every three days instead of every 56 days for whole blood). I’ve also been running for years, but sadly that is an on-again, off-again relationship. Every so often, I would fail an iron taste, so I’d pop some pills and be one my merry way. Then I hit a stretch where I failed my iron test every month for ten months straight, no matter how much iron I took or meat I ate. Eventually I was able to give blood again, but I started donating less frequently, thinking that my body needing more time to recover. Then, again, I started failing the iron tests and I finally figured it out. It was the running! Athletes, in general, have much lower resting heart-rates than average folks. The heart of an athlete is more efficient and therefore needs to pump less often to accomplish the same amount of work. Logically, it makes sense that the body of an athlete needs less red blood cells (and less iron) to function than a non athlete. Every time I started running and a regular basis and several times a week, I would no longer be eligible to give blood due to my iron levels. Every time that I had enough iron, it was during a period that I was injured and I couldn’t run. I went back to the NYBlood Center Blood website and checked my checks for three years back and it matched up perfectly. For some reason, my biking and walking on a regular basis doesn’t have the same effect.

  3. i’ve never donated blood before… i have this unreasonable phobia of blood. but i really want to. i just don’t know how to get over it.
    i really got to try it soon and do my part… :p
    hopefully someday ill be a regular donater like u and the many amazing people out there…

    • You can do it!! Trust me!! I hate needles!! And you can look the other way the whole time if you want :) Imagine how good you’ll feel when you get over your fear – you can do it!!!

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