Day 13 – Seek out ways to POP your comfy cushion

The past few days have stirred up some un-easiness in me.  Life is fantastic, no complaints, but it’s starting to change once again.  New opportunities are unfolding and I’m starting to once again feel the uneasiness and nervousness that comes with a new challenge.  Today, it was auditioning for a soup commercial.  This entailed eating soup in front of 10 strangers (“less pretty smile please and more enjoying of the soup” was some of my feedback), video camera and all, followed by a 15 second break-out dance session – solo. Random, yes.  Stomach in knots when I found out I had to dance on camera in front of all these people, yes.  But why not?

Yesterday’s scare me challenge was waking up bright and early, zipping up the wet suit and attempting to do an open water swim in Deep Cove.  I’m petrified of swimming long distances in the open water.  A lifeguard for 10 years, this is true, but still I wear the “I’m a wimp” white cap when I do triathlons.  Not being able to see where I’m going underwater just freaks me out!  Our open water attempt turned into an entertaining 15 second splashing panic for those watching (and listening miles away) of JC and I diving in off the dock and scrambling to get out as fast as we could, screaming and laughing at the top of our lungs – TOO COLD!!  Who knew Deep Cove was colder than anywhere else because of the glacier run off?  I don’t recommend trying this, yet anyways.  Maybe once it warms up we’ll try it again!

The exciting and new challenges in my life right now got me thinking.  My life has been pretty comfortable lately.  I’ve really been enjoying this comfortable pillow especially since I haven’t been in a place like this for a while.  That’s when I started to think – change is inevitable.  It’s gonna happen whether we like it or not.  Even when you find the most comfiest spot curled up in front of the tv, THAT doesn’t even last!  After a little while, your butt starts to ache and you wiggle around a little to find another comfortable spot.  Same thing happens in life.

Just when life gets a little too comfortable, BAM! Something always seems to happen to stir it up just a bit.  We all know this is the way life works.  So, instead of waiting for change to occur, instead of waiting for the uncomfortable to come to you, why not seek it out?  Seek out Positive Opportunities & Possibilities (POP!) to POP your comfy cushion. Beat life to it!  Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.  Create new challenges for yourself that will eventually become new found comfort to enjoy.  The more you put yourself out of your comfort zone, the more you will shock yourself at how much you are able to accomplish.  You never know until you try!

Nerves are a good thing – they keep you on your toes.  They are telling you that change is happening, and yeah it might be a bit uncomfortable, but they’re loving the adrenalin. They’re loving the challenge.  Nerves are a way of saying THANK YOU for trying!  Thank you for breaking out of the norm.  Thank you for striving for greatness.  All of those butterflies are a good thing.  They help us to remember that we are alive.  That we have a choice.  That we’re able to reach out and grab life!

Seek out creative ways to POP (Positive Opportunities & Possibilities!) your comfy cushion before it eventually and inevitably deflates.  Change is going to happen whether we like it or not.  Why not be two steps ahead of the game and initiate it?  Do things that scare you!  That bring about those flattering butterflies.  POP your comfy cushion!

Smile with your heart!

P.S. I am so impressed with how many people are trying the 4-day no sugar challenge, as well as the 30-day Clean Eating Challenge!!  How is it going so far?!  I know for me, it’s been about a month without sugar, and 3 weeks of Clean Eating.  I KNOW. I can’t believe it either.  I admit, I did crave a big peanut butter chocolate chip cookie after our bikeride on Saturday at a “Congratulations to myself”, but resisted.  I felt what it would feel like if I were to eat it, and decided it wasn’t worth it.  I’m so glad I resisted.  Also!  Might I suggest if you’re doing the challenge to definitely reward yourself after the 4 days of greatness are up – but not with food.  Try rewarding yourself with something else that feels good.  Perhaps if we start focusing rewards away from unhealthy treats, it will become easier and easier to resist those tempting treats!  I’m so glad I started my 4 day challenge way back when – so many amazing life changes so far!  I’m proud of everyone for trying – it’s tough to start but definitely worth it!

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  1. Thanks for uploading positive remarks almost everyday Jenn! You are such an inspiration for people to challenge themselves, get off the couch and reach their goals! Thanks for being YOU (awesome)! You bring a smile to my face everyday. I really enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying your blog. My sister sent me the link and I am glad she did :-)

  3. Good for you for doing something out of your comfort zone! This blog hit home for me as I am traveling to Indonesia on a Habitat Trip for 2 weeks starting Friday! I literally do not know a single person going- I am meeting them all in the Airport in Bali- how crazy is that? This couldn’t be more out of my comfort zone but I have to keep telling myself it will be great! Do one thing a day that scares you right? :)

    I am also training for my first 1/2 ironman in August- and the open water swim part FREAKS me out! Good to know somebody else has the same fears yet still goes after them! :) Thanks for this!

  4. Yeah, I want to hear everyone’s take on the 4 day sugarless challenge! Changes mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. And the clean eating, too! I wanted to do it this week but my birthday is tomorrow and I don’t want to bash my parent’s and in-law’s plans. BUT my husband and I will be doing the four days after that! Can’t wait!

  5. I’m still laughing from our rediculous attempt to so a long swim on Sunday! Up at the crack of dawn, exhausted but taking it on anyway!… and then 5 seconds after jumping in screaming and giggling so loud the whole town could hear, we couldn’t get out fast enough!! Oh JT! I have SO MUCH FUN with you!!!

    • I know eh??!! How ridiculous are we?!!!! SO MUCH FUN with you!!! Still one of my favourites is the car ride back from Seattle with Leo. We’ll have to do a repeat one of these days :)

  6. Hey Jenn-

    Love the blogging and love that you are hanging out in one of my fav hoods…DEEP COVE!!!


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