Day 9 – Stay rooted like a blade of grass

Yoga.  It continues to change my life.  Every time I practice, I learn something new. About myself.  About my connections with others.  I feel more connected with myself and the world around me.  I am continually humbled.  I am continually challenged.  The complete balance of both yin and yang. Yoga.

Changing my eating habits has brought about a new awareness within myself.  I can’t express how grateful I am for having the courage to take on this challenge of a clean eating lifestyle.  It has brought me to a place of calmness within that I don’t think I’ve ever found before.  I had no expectations that I would gain this much.  My friends are even noticing a difference in me.  They are telling me that I’m more calm and grounded, easy to be around.  I definitely feel this way. Rooted.

Our bodies really can tell us so much if we listen.  Part of the reason I gave up sugar and started eating so clean was because I felt frazzled, like I was grasping for things – trying to force life to make sense.  I felt puffy around my face and felt like I was riding a roller coaster wave of buzzing and feeling tired.  Always fluctuating, never really present or fully calm.  I went to my naturopath, since I wanted to fully understand what was going on in my body.  I knew something was up.  I could just feel it.

She helped me to see that my ‘need‘ for sugar, my ‘I need it now’ feeling is related to all aspects of my life.  For example, when I was feeling lonely, I would feel the same “I need it now” feeling and grasp for busy-ness, grasp for anything to stimulate my mind.  To fill the need at that moment. Anything that would fill that needy void for the time being.  I believe this is why I’m enjoying spending so much time by myself lately, is that I’m becoming comfortable with that void.  I’m learning to sit with it, acknowledge it, and let it pass knowing that it’s just a feeling.  It’s not necessarily real. The more that I have practiced will-power with sugar, the more calm and at peace I have become.  I find myself walking slower, talking slower and taking in everything around me. My mind has calmed down.  It’s stopped searching for things it thinks it needs.

I’ve had so much more constant, level energy throughout the day that I’ve been able to practice yoga almost every day.  What a healing time this has been.  I feel like my heart and soul have been cleaned out, and are starting to open fresh once again.  Friends who are doing the challenge with me also agree with this.  It definitely is life changing.  What started as a 4 day challenge will turn into a lifestyle, with moderations to fit of course, but with the reminder and realization that we are what we eat.

I’ve been meditating every night in front of my vision board.  The other day I was looking at the picture I have on my board of “Eat-Pray-Love”.  From this challenge, I’m starting to believe that in order to feel our spirits fully and in order to love ourselves fully, we must first start with healthy and loving food.  Our cells in turn are filled with this loving energy and can then start the process of discovering the depth within ourselves. How can we expect to live a zen lifestyle when we’re putting crap into our bodies?  It ALL stems from this. We literally are what we eat.

This challenge has helped me to become more rooted.  I’ve learned so much.  I no longer feel like that franctic leaf blowing every which way with the wind.  I no longer strive for the stability of a perfectly solid oak tree.  Rather, I strive to be rooted like a blade of grass.  A blade of grass doesn’t break when the wind blows, it sways with it. It sways back and forth with the flow of the wind.  It dances to the music of the wind.  It doesn’t force itself to be strong, yet it remains strong.  It remains in balance.

Stay rooted like a blade of grass.  It all starts from within.  From what we feed our temples.  If I can inspire you to try one thing from reading this, it would be to give up sugar.  For 4 days, that’s it.  Try giving it up for only 4 days and see what a difference it will make in your life.  For me, it gave me the confidence that I really can do anything. Anything.  I know it sounds crazy, but I never believed I could cut it out – that I could actually give up cookies.  Who knew that part of my neediness for cookies was a cover up of filling an emotional void.  Who knew. Well now I know, and I’m hooked.  I’m so pumped to see what else this clean lifestyle will bring.  Eat.  Pray.  Love.  Balance.  Namaste.

Smile with your heart

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  1. i love that- stay rooted like a blade of grass. and you’ve finally convinced me to give up sugar. (for only 4 days though. i’m not sure i could do more than that, but we’ll see!) i too, am a cookie addict. so, here goes nothing! thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I have started my 4 day challenge and have encouraged others to do so! Thank you so much for the inspiration! I will let you know how I feel! This morning I fought the temptation to make Chocolate Chip Pancakes! I didn’t need them! YEAH!

  3. I love your commitment to yourself. This really inspires me. Lately, I just want to give up…on everything! I don’t get it. I thank the Universe for your blog because it has given me strength and encouragement. Each day, for the past week, it has fit so well with what I need to hear; or be aware of.
    I will do the 4 day No SUGAR challenge…I can do that!!!! I can!!!!!
    Thank you so much for the kindness and love you share with your words and pictures. :D

    • I feel completely like you! I’m at such a wishy washy place in my life right now. I can feel tears brimming out of my eyes every time I read one of her blog entries. Tears of sadness that I’m in such a funky place, tears of anxiety of taking steps to heal myself, tears of joy and excitement knowing that I have the power of change within me.

  4. You’ve been such a genuine inspiration to me!! I’ve just got to say THANK YOU!!! SO hello from beautful Vancouver Island!!!! We have a lot in common (re:kinesiology/ goal setting/ and purely inspiriing our friends and beyond) so keep it up!!! living your life!!! and making beautiful CONNECTIONS with those around you…you have a glow about you WAY TO GO YOU!! lol thanx again Carolyn Kirwan xoxo

  5. I love this analogy! Blade of grass. So good!

  6. Love your posts. I’m so glad I happened upon your blog! This one, especially, struck a cord. II’ve been toying with doing a clean eating challenge, but am nervous about the void – exactly what you were talking about in this post. I hope to find the courage. I think I could use that calm you are talking about and to get back to feeling grounded and balanced.

    Quick side question – what do you eat to fuel your workouts? I usually drink Gatorade for my runs and/or use honey stingers. I need more than water with these 90 degree temps, but don’t want my body to get that sugar rush and then lose my resolve, you know?

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Hi Jen – thanks for commenting!! To fuel my workouts I’ve been eating yams for carbs, and have been snacking on lara bars for the quick healthy sugar. They have all natural fruit sugar + nuts. For drinking in races I’ve made my own “gatorade” with electrolytes, orange juice, water and some himalayan salt. But whatever you have to do in that heat, make sure you do it!!

  7. This post is beautifully written; I also love the analogy of the blade of grass. I am going to challenge myself as well and start with 4 days of no sugar! Thanks for all the inspiration. Much love.

  8. Thanks everyone!!!! I love how many are trying the no sugar challenge!!! It will change your life!!! :) Let me know how it goes!! :)

  9. Give up sugar? But what about my daily dose of happiness? Ice Cream. I’m not ready to give it up yet. Maybe next week. But I think it could be a great starting point in my journey.

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