Day 7 – The best day of your life!

On my way to work this morning, I realized that I had forgotten my water bottle so I stopped at a coffee shop to buy one (tsk-tsk, I know!).  There was a busy line up but the guy at the counter was calm and together when taking my order.  He genuinely asked how my day was going so far.  He took his time with me, even though there were people obviously rushing to get their day started behind me.  I appreciated this, and smiled back giving a genuine and happy answer.  We had a brief conversation which already began to make my day because I felt that he actually cared.  A perfect stranger, building a connection in that moment.  That’s all it took to bring about a happy and smiling heart.

When I was leaving, he said, “Take care!  And have the best day of your life!“.  I smiled, and said, “Yeah“, pause + bigger smile, “Have the best day of YOUR life too!”  I left smiling ear to ear feeling inspired to give just a little bit more today.  I was thankful.

Why wouldn’t I have the best day of my life? I had a choice at that moment to bring an attitude with me into the day.  I chose the BEST attitude I could.  Who knows when our last day might be?  We might as well make the most of EVERY conversation, every encounter, every interaction, every MOMENT.  All of these are precious.  All of these connections.  We often take each of these for granted, but we never know.  We never know when they might not be there anymore.  So make THIS day the best day of your life.  Choose this attitude today.  Smile in this moment.  You have a choice.  Choose what’s best for you and what will make someone else have the best day of their life too.  Look around you and re-discover all of the blessings that are at your fingertips.  Be thankful.

One other thing I took from my yoga class last night was this:  If you don’t know how to pray, or if you don’t have anyone to pray too, just be thankful.  That’s all.  Have the best day of your life and be thankful.

Smile with your heart!

Pictures are of the sunset at English Bay (I love this city!) 

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  1. Hi Jenn!
    You are such an inspiration! I read your website all the time! You truly live life through sunshine colored glasses.
    I am struggling to find the motivation to eat right and workout. I have gained weight recently and I am feeling sorry for myself. I know I need to make changes but can’t seem to stick with good habits. I could use any advice/motivation you have! It is much appreciated!

    • Thanks Kate!!! Well, reading this and asking for help is the hardest step. Which you’ve already done!! So now all you have to do is put it to action – good job already!!! Try just starting with simple goals, such as: be physically active for 30minutes everyday. This includes going for a walk after dinner (a favourite habit of mine!). It can also include taking the stairs whenever possible, or ditching the car to walk instead. It all adds up. It doesn’t have to be all at once! Just try to be active every day!

      As for eating, my suggestion would be to start with simple goals. Perhaps try have a 4 day goal of eating 5-8 servings of fruits and veggies per day. Or have a 4 day goal of eating a nutritious breakfast and dinner every day. Use these 4 day goals to help get you to your ultimate goal for yourself, whatever that might be!

      To help you with your goals, try making a vision board! Cut out some pictures of what you want to feel like in magazines and put it somewhere you can see it every day. Start to believe that you already FEEL this way. Believe in your heart that you are beautiful. Tell yourself this and create a mantra that resonates within you and brings about a feeling of strength and beauty. It seems simple, but it works wonders. Once you start BELIEVING it, you will be more likely to take the steps to achieve it!

      Also! (I love this question!!! This is my passion to help you with this!) – get friends involved. Get your family and friends to help you stay accountable to your goals. If you’re going to cut out treats from Starbucks for 30 days, get them to help keep you on track. Maybe even have a calendar where both you and they can see it – put smiley faces for everyday that you have achieved your simple goals!

      I hope this helps!!! Feel free to email me for more questions – I love this ! :)

    • By the way, the vision board idea really helps (plus its sooo fun to make!!). I have mine on the wall opposite my bed, so every morning when I wake up I see it and before I go to bed. There’s pictures of fit girls, happy places, pretty pictures and words and phrases that keep me motivated like “fit body,” “make your dreams memories,” etc. It even has JT’s lululemon ad on there since she’s the one who inspired me to make it in the first place :D

      I also find it easier if I follow a training plan for exercise. I am training for a half marathon so I know which days I need to run and which ones I can do weights, yoga, etc. It’s MUCH easier if you know what workout youre going to be doing that day (even if youre not training for something, you could just write a schedule..or better yet sign up for a race!!) as opposed to getting off work and contemplating what you should do!

  2. Love this:) So true. We are all in a rush all the time. We can take a queue from this guy and from you to slow down and enjoy the connection and the moment. This made my heart smile! Thanks! I just got turned on to your blog today and i can’t stop reading…bad as i am at work:) Lol. My goals for the rest of June; do more yoga, make a vision board and learn to meditate:) I need to learn how to calm my mind. I love that you are newly eating clean you will love it!!! i have been doing it for a few years now getting better at it:) And i love it. Have you heard of Tosca Reno and her Eat clean diet books? You would love them:) Thanks again for your lovely posts and making my heart smile too!!!

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