Day 6 – Why is change so hard??!

There’s a couple things that happened over the weekend that helped inspire me to write tonight’s post.  A lot of change.  Small changes that made a whole lot of difference.

Over a month ago, a friend from work convinced me to open up a personal gmail account since it is totally user friendly and great for people who love to organize (me!). Easy enough.  So I did that.  But for the past month, I’ve continued using my other email account since the “switch over” seemed too daunting.  Too much work.  Too much “new”. It’s just email for crying out loud!  Why was it so hard!!?!  This weekend more than one friend told me that I hadn’t responded back to their emails – boy did I feel bad or what. This wasn’t like me.  My old email account was getting swamped and it was to the point of no return trying to organize it.  I didn’t even want to look at past emails because it all seemed like too much.  So this weekend, I made the switch.  After procrastinating switching over I finally did it.  And funny enough, I will never go back. For anyone who loves being organized?  Gmail.  Try it.  My life just seems so much easier now!  No more forgetting to email people back, that’s for sure.

Another change?  Well, you all know how much I love oatmeal.  Giving it up wasn’t as hard as I thought but it was definitely an adjustment.  If I hadn’t tried this 40-day Clean-Eating Challenge, I would never have found my new favourite breakfast.  Yes. Better than oatmeal (in my opinion anyways)!  I’m addicted to it.  I call it “Omega-meal“.  All you have to do is blend together 2 tbsps of flax seed, 1 banana, 2 apples, 1/2 cup almond milk and some chia seeds – and tadaaahhh: Amazing Breakfast!  Topped with almonds, raisins and some strawberries. Heaven in a bowl!

Both of these were such a simple changes, but for me they were a challenge.  Any change no matter how big or how small can seem too difficult, too hard, too uncomfortable, too anything you label it as to make yourself feel better.  We can convince ourselves of anything, that I know to be true!  Often, the changes we do make (when we are listening to our heart), make such a greater difference in our lives creating yet another inspiring and uplifting ripple effect.

Another example of change for me this past weekend was trying something completely out of my comfort zone – windsurfing!!  I had always looked at those guys out on the water and literally thought, “there’s no way I could ever do that.  Plus I hear it’s incredibly hard“.  Mike and I had a groupon from last year which was expiring soon, so we decided to check it out.  It was AWESOME! Another water sport I could see myself becoming addicted to.  And you know what?  I didn’t suck all that bad!  I was actually tacking out there, back and forth, not too fast but staying upright and moving with the wind.  What a blissful feeling.  Definitely going to have to try that again.

Since challenging myself to change my safe, comfortable habits and try something new, I’ve sparked a new sense of adventure inside of myself.  I’m starting to think outside of my safe box now.  Kite surfing? Hmmmmm… I always thought that looked WAAAAAAY out of my league, but now I think I’m gonna have to try that too.  It gave me a boost of confidence to think, what’s next?!

The possibilities are endless once you stick out that big toe and take the plunge into something new. Something uncomfortable.  When we do this, excitement grows.  You soon remember that sense of adventure that’s inside all of us.  The thrill of adventure that turns nervousness into a natural high.  Living life to it’s fullest.  You never know where it will lead you – sticking out that big toe.

Smile with your heart!

I have to share one more thing.  I decided to go to yoga tonight instead of watching the game with the rest of Vanocuver (I know!!).  After the class, in my state of bliss, I was talking with a friend and I told her how glad I was that I had gone to class, but did feel a little lame for not watching the game.  She laughed with encouragement, and said (I love this):

“You gotta dance to your own music”

This is so true!  Whatever makes your heart sing and your soul dance – DO THAT!

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  1. hi again,
    it’s the morning here on this side of the globe!
    i woke up, drank my bed tea (my new habits for the last 2 month, really love it now. before going to bed i make a nice herbal tea and pour it in my thermos/flask (?) bottle. so next morning when i wake up i have hot tea ready to drink. little change! great effect).
    and i just read you reply. thanks! i’m moved!
    i will definitely keep checking your post and your awesome list of things to do around vancouver. all these nature escapes, all this green and these forest, and sport possibilities (that i’m missing doing).
    well. have a good day. i send you another big hi and smile from morocco.

    • thank you for the big hello from morocco!!!! I like your tea idea… what a great idea!!! I’m finding that giving up sugar has helped me not crave coffee as much, so I might just have to try this tea idea! Thank you! :)

  2. “The possibilities are endless once you stick out that big toe and take the plunge into something new. Something uncomfortable. When we do this, excitement grows.”

    I like this, and I can totally relate. I recently tried whitewater kayaking… which seems difficult and scary, but I’m really enjoying it. Yay for trying new things!

    • That’s awesome you tried whitewater kayaking… I’ve never tried it (not yet anyways) but thanks for sparking my imagination with that one!! :) Added to the list!! hahaha

  3. Yup…fear is my biggest reason for avoiding change. I want to try a 30 day challenge of NO SUGAR, but I tell myself, ” I will die without my chai latte!!!” or “I can’t live without chocolate.” Pretty negative….I will die, I can’t live????!!! Wow. It looks so different when I write my thoughts out in to words. I know fear can be a friend in the proper perspective, but I want to stomp on it; squish it; tell it to go away!!
    I think that is so great that you tried windsurfing! It looks like a lot of fun. Your posts have really been perfect timing in my life these days. Thank you, Jenn.
    Why did you give up oatmeal? I LOVE oatmeal!

    • YOU CAN DO IT!!! I barely have any sugar cravings any more!!! The thought of eating a big cookie sometimes makes me feel grosse. I’ve worked so hard on keeping my body clean, that’s the last thing I’d want to put in myself. Weird eh??! Total switch for me!!! ahahaha.. I gave up oatmeal for the clean eating challenge. I”ll bring it back after it’s done, but won’t be eating it everyday. I’ve learned that my body loves variation. I’m loving my new favourite breakfast!!!

  4. Sorry, this question doesn’t fit w/ this post, but I’m in NEED of a good yoga DVD. Any suggestions? You do a lot of yoga and I know you have discussed Eoin Finn. Any suggestions is much appreciated.

    • Hi Suzanne!! The only yoga DVD I have is Eoin Finn’s Power Yoga for Happiness 2. It’s great. It’s all I need. Plus, I like to just freestyle it most of the time when I don’t make it to a class – whatever feels good at the time!!! But any of his are great!!!

  5. Thanks so much. I have gotten away from yoga b/c I really enjoy the nice weather and I love cardio. Tend to focus on cardio too much. Now, I’m feeling it in my hips and my back, so I know I’m not stretching enough. Really appreciate your time in answering and I’m going to get this and try it. Just don’t make it to the studio all the time. Great posts, enjoy every day!
    Thanks again,

    • You are welcome!!! Thanks for always reading!! I often find myself in the over-cardio and less yoga situation, but I always find my way back. The mat always brings us back! I’m glad it’s calling you too! I know how you feel!! :) Have a great night Suzanne!

  6. So I tried your Omega meal this morning (great idea I do not use my blender enough) but it doesn’t look the same? The only thing I was missing was the Chia seeds- but in the picture yours seems to look yellow and mine was more brown- am I doing something wrong? It was still yummy either way :)

    • Funny, I don’t know what the difference might be. I forgot to add 1/2 cup of almond milk the first time I posted it. Did you add that? Also, it might must be my camera. And I guess it depends on what color apples you’re using. Could have been the camera effects too. Glad you liked it though!!! I have put a tsp of almond butter in sometimes which is also yummy!!! :)

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