Day 5 – Summer is officially HERE!

Something different is in the air in Vancouver – excitement.  For so many reasons.  The Canucks just won 2 in a row in the Stanley Cup Finals!  And the weather is the best it’s been all year.  We went from rain gear to shorts & tanks in a matter of a week. Everyone is just soaking this stoke up!  Including myself!  I’ve had the best weekend yet, and it’s far from over.  Saturday was Whistler’s first Half Marathon – awesome.  Then it was to the Canucks game downtown – this city is almost crazier than when the Olympics were here.  High fives are happening every which way. This morning I tried something that I thought I would completely suck at, but actually did quite alright!  And tonight it’s a barbeque feast in the sunshine.  I’ll post some pics of the rest of the weekend later this week.   Life seems so much better when the sun peaks its way out!

(Check out the bear in the background!)

Friday night I drove up to Whistler on my favourite highway, the Sea to Sky.  I have driven that road probably almost a hundred times, and have yet to see a friendly bear.  This trip, I saw FIVE.  Five bears! Just chillin’ out on the side of the highway loving their lives.  (When I got to Whistler, I of course had to look up what the meaning of seeing so many bears meant – a good thing at that).  That was a cool start to the weekend.  The race was amazing.  It is officially my new favourite.  I’ve never felt so good around a particular group of people at an event like this.  It was the youngest race I think I’ve been to, and the crowd it drew seemed to be perfect for me.  Outdoor guru’s from all over the west coast.  On top of that, the scenery was beautiful.  I couldn’t get the perma-grin to fade.  I was definitely loving my life on those trails!

(Thanks for the support Pookie & team lulu!)

On the way home from the race, I stopped at my favourite spot in Squamish and brought out my handy journal.  Something about being at the race sparked my imagination for outdoor adventure.  I started making a list of things I wanted to do this summer, and it just wouldn’t end. All of my favourite things.  Living the West Coast lifestyle.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  So here’s my long list, and I know I will be doing most of these things because they all make my heart smile.

  • Camp overnight Black Tusk
  • Hike Black tusk to Function Junction in Whistler
  • Hike Joffree Lakes
  • Overnight camp at Wedgement Lake
  • Overnight camp at Elfin Lakes
  • Rockcimb part of the Chief!
  • Hike the Chief
  • Bikeride up Cypress Mountain (or at least try!)
  • Mountain bike Squamish
  • Bikeride from Vancouver to Squamish and back
  • Hike the North Coast Trail
  • Check out an outdoor concert
  • Rope Swing Whistler’s Lost Lake
  • Wreck Beach Sunset
  • Sail!
  • Windsurf at Jericho
  • Wakeboard
  • Go fishing with dad
  • Canadians baseball game
  • Bike ride in Osoyoos
  • Seattle Mariners baseball game
  • Check out a Whitecaps soccer game

Lucky for me, our summer doesn’t end until about mid-October, so I have lots of time to do all of these things I love!  It’s funny, this list was sparked from loving life at the marathon. From doing something I love in a place I find magical.  When you’re doing things you love, you put yourself on a different frequency.  A different vibration.  You start attracting other circumstances, ideas, people and inspiration from this same vibration.  Being around this energy only lifts you up more. It’s so important to do what you love!

On my desktop, I get a message from the book “The Secret” every day.  I have to share today’s as I was inspired by it, and it made my smile:

You must change your focus and begin to think about all the things that are wonderful about You.  Look for the positives in You.  As you focus on those things, the law of attraction will show you more great things about You.  You attract what you think about.  All you have to do is begin with one prolonged thought of something good about You, and the law of attraction will respond by giving You more like thoughts.  Look for the good things about you.  Seek and ye shall find!

(My favourite hike – the Black Tusk!)

I loved this because this weekend I felt like I was a runner.  It brought back the spark inside of me that made me feel really good at something.  It got me thinking of how much I love running, and being around great people in a race environment.  A group of people all with the same big hairy goal.  Thinking this positive thought about myself (which is often hard for me to do, as I prefer to be humble) made me feel good and got the creative wheels turning.  Perhaps maybe I might just be able to CREATE this environment I love so much.  Perhaps.

Do what you love.  Think positive thoughts about yourself.  Acknowledge what you are good at and what you are best at in the world.  When you do this, you will attract more of it.  Life will just get better and better.  And maybe you’ll get that inspirational nudge, just like I did on my favourite bench in Squamish, to start writing and writing words of inspiration – and then to start doing.  Doing what you love.  Doing it now.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Bah! I LOVED this post! Congrats on the race– the half marathon is my favorite distance. Reading your summer list made me want to pack my bags and move to the west coast RIGHT NOW! Whistler looks absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it someday! Thanks for a super positive post, JT! Keep ’em coming!

  2. hi jenn,
    finally i’m writing you! so :
    1) wanted to let you know your words are spread all the way to morocco!! i’m a 34 (years old) french girl living in casablanca, with my husband and our three little girls (4, 2 and 6 months). I’ve been reading your blog daily for a few months now. THANK YOU! THANK YOU for so much inspiration, for your words, for beautiful pictures!
    2) you made me fall in love with the place you live (vancouver, victoria, vancouver island) … so we decided to come for the whole month of august! i’m dreaming about all these outdoor activities possible there, the walks, the paddle board, the hikes, and also the yoga classes….
    3) i’m telling you that cause we are looking for an “au pair” or a full-time babysitter for a month, maybe you know somebody interested? or a good link or agency?
    4) would love to tell you much more. but that’s it for now. baby yoko needs a (breast) feed. if you want to know more about us check the website

    • Hi Aurelia!!! Wow! Morocco!! That is amazing!! I’ve never been, but it’s on my list!!! I love your site – so friendly and happy! That’s awesome you will be coming to Vancouver!! I don’t know of anyone at the moment, but I”ll keep y ears open. I’m going to be adding my favourite places to see in Vancouver soon to the site, so stay posted for some fun ideas!!!

  3. Yeah, Whitecaps! The men are hurting but the ladies are kicking ass! (well, until last night.) And the Mariners are over .500 in June! W00t W00t!

  4. Your blog is truly inspirational to your readers. We are also so lucky to live in such an amazing city like Vancouver. You don’t have to travel very far and can still create an amazing summer bucket list. Keep up the great work.

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