Day 1 – Try Something New, mix it up a little bit!

Today is the beginning of yet another 40 day Challenge – June 1st.  It just sounds fresh.  New goals, new beginnings, new accomplishments, new dreams.  My goals this challenge are a little less intense then they have been in the past.  I’m reminding myself to relax more, go with the flow and to take each moment as it is.  As I was driving home from watching the game tonight, I found myself looking forward to meditating when I got home.  This is definitely a new type of excitement for me!  Wow, have I calmed down!  I was looking forward to all of the things that I wanted to do before going to bed.  That’s when I instantly shifted my thinking, and thought – why not now?  Why not use THIS time as a time to reflect and meditate?  I instantly found myself slowing down and breathing more deeply.  Enjoying the car ride home, rather than excited to be getting somewhere else. Excited to be HERE.  Right now.

I’m trying something new by relaxing a lot more.  Less pressure on myself.  Less to-do’s and more to-be’s. Being here rather than getting somewhere else to enjoy it.  Enjoying right now.  A constant reminder to myself, but always rewarding for remembering.

Try something new.  If it scares you, even better.  If it makes you nervous to be with your own thoughts, even the more reason to try it.  If kicking an unhealthy habit scares the crap out of you, that’s probably a good reason why you should try it.  30 days of your Clean Eating Challenge – starts today!  What are you going to change in your diet?  More veggies?  Drinking more water?  Taking more time to savour each bite, with each meal?  More importantly, what are you going to change in your lifestyle?  Perhaps adding meditation to your mornings?  Or ensuring to call a friend once a day?  Trying yoga?  Sending someone a letter in the mail?  It all relates to one another.  Holistic health.  One step in the right direction in one area creates positive change and encouragement in all other areas.

Change it up.  Get out of your regular, old routine.  If you want change, then start with that.  Start with change.  Small steps towards your ultimate dream.  How else do you expect change to start happening in your life?  By doing exactly what you’ve been doing?  Probably not.  We don’t know our potential until we face our fears and step out of the comfortable.  There’s so much out there waiting for you – what is your first step going to be?

Here are some pictures of one of the Vancouver Farmer’s Markets I went to this weekend.  I had never been and have always wanted to go.  Check out your community and I’m sure you will find something similar near by.  This small change, instead of going to the regular supermarket, got me thinking even more about where my food is coming from.  Another step in the healthy direction!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Wow, try something new eh? That is my new thing too! Right now I am trying this new intense and CRAZY speedwork to become faster for my marathon’s, I will meet you one day Boston!!! :) Yes it’s scary, and do I feel like I am going to pass out when I do it? Yes, but when you stop and reflect, it’s the greatest feeling EVER!

    My other ‘try something new’ thing is, I am trying to gear up to jump out of a plane..well skydive, let me tell you this, THAT SCARES THE BEJEEZUS out of me! But for the exhilarating thrill that it will be, I can only imagine it will be worth it, and to say that I did it, well that will feel even better! Any advice though of how to step out of my comfort zone for that one? haha It’s kind of an extreme ‘Do one thing a day that scares you’, but sometimes I guess we need to take drastic measures to enjoy the thrills of life!

    Your posts have been very inspiring lately, enjoying them a lot :)

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