Day 38 – Commitment

I think the race, on top of being sick, has taken the wind out of me.  I almost just showed up with a one liner tonight – but I wanted to have something more to say than that.  I opened up a book on my inspiration shelf to today’s date: Commitment.  Here goes:

“As we walk through life, there are many things and people we may lose, or lose out on, if we are unwilling to commit.  We need to make a commitment for relationships to grow beyond the dating stage, to have the home or apartment we want, the job we want, or the car we desire.

We must commit, on deep levels, to careers – to goals – to family and to friends.  Trying something will not enable us to succeed.  Committing ourselves will.  Yet, we need never commit before we are ready.

Sometimes, our fear of commitment is telling us something.  We may not want to commit to a particular relationship, purchase or career.  Other times, it is a matter of our fears working their way out.  Wait, then.  Wait until the issue becomes clear.

Trust yourself.  Ask your Higher Power to remove your fear of commitment.  Ask for your blocks towards commitment to be removed.  Ask for guidance.  Ask yourself if you are willing to lose what you will not commit to.  Then listen, quietly.  And wait until a decision seems consistently right and comfortable.

We need to be able to commit, but we need never commit until we are ready.  Trust that you will commit when you want to.” – Melody Beattie.

Right now, one of the commitments I’m sticking to is not eating this:  Worth it? Tonight I’m wanting a sugar pick me up, but how much better am I going to feel when I’ve actually committed to my goal. Amazing I bet.  Enjoy your Monday night :)

Smile with your heart

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  1. Jenn, you crossed my mind tonight during relaxation at my yoga class. I am super stressed right now with 3 projects all due tomorrow and was thisclose to bailing out of class. I’m also a procrastinator, and while that part won out (I procrastinated by going to class), at the end I won out! The other 5 people were all also having super stressful weekends/weeks and so thankfully our yoga teacher switched from a high gear active class to a calmer, restorative class to give us all some TLC. Awesome! While I was meditating at the end, I thought, I’m really glad I showed up tonight! Which made me think of your blog post of just go out and show up. Which made me come back and re-read it, and subsequently this one! Yay for committing, no matter how big or small! Speaking of commitment…off I go to finish the last project. ♥

    • I’m proud of you for going to yoga!! I bet your project is going to that much more amazing because of it – you took time for yourself. Awesome! :)

  2. AAAAAHHHHHH!!! COOKIES!!!!!!!!!! :)

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