Day 37 – Your thoughts become things

My sister and I rode the Tour de Victoria this weekend which was a 90km bike race on Vancouver Island.  We stuck out like a sore thumb with our hardcore backpacks, dork booties and full on rain gear. Apparently the guys with the aerodynamic helmets wearing no rain gear don’t like bike-backpackers as we shortly found out.  Pack of 40 speedy bikes swooshing by: ON YOUR LEFT!!!  OUT OF THE WAY!!!  Us, with our dork booties after we just stopped to eat for 10 minutes:  wobble wobble – man those guys are fast!  It was inspiring seeing those guys fly past us, almost seeming to make our own bikes wobble over from their dust.  Something to strive for perhaps?  Nah, but inspiring to be apart of!

For about 3 hours of the race, the rain was pouring down on us.  Up until the rain came, we were all smiles and loving our lives.  We still were smiling, and started laughing more when the rain came, but it started to get a little bit harder to push up those massive hills when youe legs are shivering (even while wearing rain gear!).  I reminded myself that I AM MY THOUGHTS.  My thoughts become things.  Every hill, every foot stroke, this was my mantra: I – am – strong.  That was it.  Simple, strong and powerful. That’s all I needed to help me get up the hills when I thought I might have to be swept up by the sissy-van for having to stop due to hypothermia.  It helped, so much.  We finished the race all smiles, and the sun did end up coming out for the finish.  Best part of the race?  The full tin of coffee for a prize and the salmon burgers at the finish line (no bun for me!)!  I’m so easy to please apparently!  Awesome race – great people, super pumped up positive atmosphere in a beautiful city.  What a perfect weekend.

Your thoughts become things.  What you think about, you bring about.  Our bodies are the product of our thoughts.  If you think weak and negative thoughts – guess what, you will feel weak and negative.  If you think strong, powerful, uplifting, energetic, confident thoughts – you guessed it – you feel amazing.  A great example of this is trying to lose weight.  Even this thought of “I’m trying to lose weight!” is actually negative.  Every time you say it and re-confirm it, you are sending messages to your body that you are not what you want to be, that you are too big, that you aren’t happy, that you don’t feel good right now.  You are putting all of your energy into what you DON’T WANT.  Try switching it around.  Start loving your body RIGHT NOW, and start feeling the feelings of being your ideal weight.  Of what you DO WANT.  Tell yourself, “I love my body NOW.  I feel amazing in my body.  I am radiating confidence.  I feel slim, sexy, athletic, beautiful, you name it!”  The most important part of this?  To BELIEVE it.  To believe it so that you can start to FEEL the feelings of this positive affirmation.

Once you start believing it, things will just naturally start to be shown to you.  Perhaps it might be a blog you stumble across that inspires you to try a 30 day clean eating challenge on June 1st :).  Or you might be inspired to kick that bad habit you’ve been meaning to break and start practicing yoga instead.  Who knows what it might be.  For me, being on this clean eating challenge, the majority of my thoughts seem to be positive. There is no “you shouldn’t eat that cookie because it will make you look like a cookie!”.  There’s none of that, because there is no option.  I’m eating to feel good.  To make my body, inside and out, feel amazing.  Only positive thoughts, only positive and healthy food.  What a concept!

How’s the challenge going you ask?  Well I’ve lost track of how many days I’ve gone without sugar but I think it’s been almost 2 weeks, and I’m on Day 7 of our Clean-Eating Challenge.  Feeling even more amazing than before.  I admit that I did want a big cookie after my race (because that’s something that I usually do!), but the craving passed and I felt better re-fueling myself with healthy eats.  It was as simple as that – I was surprised how easy it was.  And I didn’t feel like a dork bringing my healthy food with me for the trip.  My sister totally understood, and I actually saved money from eating out.  A win-win situation.

Think positive thoughts!  BELIEVE you are great.  Start feeling the feelings of what you want to bring about.  Start RIGHT NOW.  Things will start to fall into place after that.

Downtown Victoria from our window!

We loved this sign :)

Smile with your heart!

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  1. you look so much alike!

  2. great job on your race! we finished ours this weekend too! woot!!

  3. I love that sign, too!!! This is such a meaningful post to me as I have struggled with negative thoughts and body image for eons. I have made a mindful effort to flip every negative thought around into a positive, loving one. It’s amazing. It has changed my life…how I feel about myself and other people. Divnity is in all of us; all creatures. That is what I am choosing to believe when I am upset or depressed about someone or some thing. Thank you for such uplifting words today!
    Wow! Rain, cold, aerodynamic helmeted bike racers! You girls conquered them all! An excellent adventure, I would say!

  4. What a great post! Congratulations on your long and wet bike ride!

    It’s funny how your posts always seem to speak to my current thoughts. Just today I was telling a friend that I am going to stop eating junk food. Then I realized that I was thinking MORE about junk food! Then I remembered someone tell me once that it’s easier to start something than it is to stop something. To focus on the positive rather than the negative. So instead of “stopping junk food consumption”, I’m going to “start eating healthy”. That shifts my mind from thinking about what I can’t have, and instead what I can have! Yummy veggies and water :)

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